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Red Rover, Red Rover, great for a sleepover! 🐢🐢 New Kids Pouch Now 15% off - use code MERRYMEDS

Cute bag alert! Is it a Toiletry Bag? Medicine Pouch? First Aid Kit? You decide! Now 15% off! Use MERRYMEDS on our site

Medicine Wedding Cakes. (I couldn't help myself.) πŸ’ŠπŸ’Š

Top 10 Lupus Blogs - Medical News Today - thanks for including Despite Lupus!

Give directly at @lupusresearchalliance or @lupusorg #givingtuesday #charity #lupus #blog

Got Guilt becasue of Lupus? Me, too! Make time for the LFA's "In the Loop Healthy Living with Lupus" symposium on Dec 9th!

We're betting Santa takes his fair share of pills, too! #advil #chimneysareatightsqueeze #backpainanyone #pillfold #blog #christmas #giftsunder50 #giftsforher #shopsmall #smallbusinesssaturday

Lupus, Prednisone and Patient/Doctor care - Great infographic from GSK!

Calm before the (holiday) storm. #lupusin60 Lupus in :60 - Dealing with the holidays. READ MORE...

#onmyfifthcan #youhadmeatjuniormints

🎢 I'll have a Blue Christmas 🎢 Our best seller at the JLWS Boutique? Why, the Guadeloupe!

...And go even bolder by pairing them with a Leopard print Pillfold! #couldntresist

I'm in denial, too. But it really is that time of year again. Jingle, jingle!

Happy Veteran's Day! To all the Veterans who have served our country and fought to secure our freedom - a heartfelt thank you! #daughterofaveteran

Lupus in the News! Lupus Research Updates, Celebrities, and More!

Mama Fold and Baby Fold. **Warning** Joke Alert: "Who's bigger, Mr. Bigger or Mr. Bigger's baby? **** Answer: Mr. Bigger's baby, of course. He's a little Bigger." πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€” #pillfold #onesizedoesnotfitall #notyourgrandmaspillbox Joke courtesy of "The Joke Book", not available on our website. πŸ“š #blog

Never Enuf Navy! These cute clutches carry pills. Can you believe it??πŸ‘πŸ‘ Now save 20% in our Buy One, Give One Sale. Use code "BUYTWOGET20" and save 20% off any 2 pillfolds. Did we mention you'll get FREE SHIPPING, too?! #pillfold #navy #blue #blog

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Despite Lupus - a proud member of the Top Chronic Illness Blogs list!

Feeling Fallish For Sure. #fallstyle #withasideofleopard #notyourgrandmaspillbox

Working with Chronic Illness- check out the great new book by Pink Fortitude's own Holly Bertone!

Her happy place. πŸ‘™πŸŒ΄πŸ‘™πŸŒ΄ #lupusin60 "Get Well 1st; Get Ahead 2nd" -- Read More...

Customers who inspire: An international customer recently bought a Trocadero Pillfold as a gift for his girlfriend. We popped it in the mail, but the pillbag was lost in overseas transit. :( #neverhappens We sent out a second pillbag n/c, and it arrived safely and in record time. Customer sent a note of thanks, declaring that he's donating the cost of the lost bag to lupus charity. #mademyday #givingback #payitforward #blackandwhite #animalprint #blog #charity #lupus #smallbusiness

Hello, Fabulous Fall colors! #fall #autumn🍁 #blog

Living with lupus: Speak up, because it's all in the details!

Special Discount for all Despite Lupites! Now take $30 off Shade!

Lupus Survey - What's your blood type? Is there a connection?

Rock Paper Cocktails - 9.24.17 - Come by the booth and use our special event code to save! READ MORE...

Organized, locked and loaded. Weekly pills ready to go, which means I'm ready to rock.

🎡"Sunshine, on my shoulders, makes me happy."🎡This sunbeam happens every afternoon, but lasts for less than 60 seconds. It's my favorite minute of the day. READ MORE...

Let's not act like it's Fall quite yet. 🌻🌻 #notyourgrandmaspillbox #pillfold #pillpopstyle #poshpills

Shade UV Sensor designed specifically for Lupus patients! Now on Sale! read more...

Long weekend? Go shopping! Extra 15% off! Use code "LABOR2017" during checkout and save on your next pillbag purchase!

Make your holiday weekend PILLTASTIC by taking 15% off your Pillbag purchase now through Monday! Use code "LABOR2017". #yeswejustmadeupaword

Wear shade UV sensor: a fab new way to still have fun in the sun! READ MORE...

Good thing my night meds can't be taken on an empty stomach.

(un)Official Clinical Trial Month! Now on the Blog!

Despite Lupus - One of Healthline's Best Lupus Blogs of 2017. We're thrilled!! read more...

Take two and call me in the morning. 🍫🍫

Clinical Trial + Cellcept - Could this be a good fit for you?

An organized patient is a healthy patient. Thx @consumerreports for reminding us how true this is! read more...

Antidote's clinical studies search tool - now available on Despite Lupus! Read more...

GSK gets FDA approval for self-injectable Benlysta treatment!

Never waffle about taking your morning meds.

When a friend sends you a pic of her thank you gift from a pharma company for being a patient panelist. The gift?? It was a pillfold! Agghhh!! #soexcited #careergoals

Balancing Act. #lupusin60 Lupus in :60 Finding Balance.

Why, yes. My new birthday nail polish DOES match my pill organizer. πŸ’…πŸ’…

Take Medication with Water (melon). πŸ‰πŸ‰ -- "Thank you for making such an amazing, beautiful, and easy to use product!" --Pillfold Customer #happycustomer #mademyday

Beach bound! #lupusin60

Berry blue summer. Someone just couldn't wait for the photoshoot to be over. πŸ‘ Shop this cute travel XL Pill Organizer!

Patriotic Pills.

Homemade blueberry jam with a side of freshly picked blueberries. Breakfast (and your morning pills) are served!

Patterns +Pills = Pillfold Glam

My favorite season. #blueberry

DxTerity Research Study - Easy to participate - Pictures to prove it! Read more...