Help Lupus Research in just a few minutes, from the comfort of your home.

 As we know, everyone with lupus experiences it differently. Now, your unique lupus story can help move research forward. 

Researchers are creating a data set of electronic medical records (with personal information removed) from lupus patients to learn more about how the disease affects everyone differently. I've partnered with Antidote to share this online research opportunity. Learn more!

Why join the study? 

You'll receive a free subscription to PicnicHealth, a user-friendly website that puts you in control of your medical history by collecting, digitizing, and encrypting all of your medical records, from all you doctors. You don't have to find our own medical records for this study, either, and your private data stays private. Information that could reveal your identity will be removed from your medical records before they're shared with researchers. 

Volunteers for this study will also have the opportunity to contribute to lupus research from the comfort of your home. After the data set is compiled, PicnicHealth will donate the data set to academic researchers for free. By leveraging historical records, or "real-world evidence," scientists can push toward new breakthroughs in lupus research. 

Interested? Answer a few questions from Antidote here  about your lupus to start. If this trial doesn't sound like a fit, visit Antidote's website to search for other trials. If you have any questions, please reach out to or 

Thank you for your interest in supporting lupus research! 


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