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Outta time...but at least the Pillbags are tagged and ready!

Cruel Mystery Tour - LFA getting lupus some serious attention!

20% PILLBAG savings extended through the end of November!

Good, level-headed decisions does not a tired lupite make...usually!

Recurring Infection? Lupus could be playing a role...

Flying a significant distance? Consider all the options for getting your rest!

Changing strategies - it's hard, but somebody has to do it.

Adjusting to life in the rental...

And St. Aidan's Bazaar, also in Alexandria, is just around the corner!

It's back to the Hoosier state for Pillbag donations!

Next Pillbag Sighting - This Saturday in Alexandria!

Z Chemists and Zitomer in NYC + Country Classics in IL = A Pillbag Retailer near you!

Holiday Bazaar Season is upon us...

Sun exposure and lupus - uncovering the "why?"

Order outside, mess inside. Yup...that sounds like lupus!

25th Annual Maryland Lupus Summit – Saturday, 11/3 – see you there!