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LFA's Take Charge and Make a Change Video: September 2013

The "Me" breakthrough - the 15-minute nap to the lupus rescue!

HSS Events: Honoring Lupus Heroes on 9/24 and Facebook Chat on 11/6.

Lupus lifestyle accommodations - Setting myself up to succeed

Everyday Health takes a closer look at lupus. Thanks, Dr. Sanjay Gupta!

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Friday Affair at Hollin Hall - This Friday, 9/20/13 in Alexandria, VA. See you there!

Off to Annapolis tomorrow for LFA's Take Charge and Make a Change event!

Inserting "fun" onto the to-do list...loosley inspired by Pottery Barn

Oh, the decisions we make for our health and wellness!

Charity of the Month - Sept-Oct-Nov 2013: Lupus Foundation of Florida