LFA's Take Charge and Make a Change Video: September 2013

I had a great time at last weekend's LFA DMV "Take Charge and Make a Change" Advocacy Workshop. It was a totally different kind of seminar, and I was thrilled to participate. You can check out a short snippet of my presentation below, and you can catch the next Advocacy Seminar in Richmond, on October the 5th, from 11-2pm. Click here for more information.

What was the nature of my talk? How to feel confident and comfortable when talking about lupus. It can be a tall order, right?

In this short clip, I briefly touch on why I used to find talking about lupus difficult (could it be the myriad symptoms, all of those nasty side effects, the physical limitations, the emotional toll, and the fact that aspects of our work, personal and social lives are all compromised?); how talking about lupus used to make me feel (tense, defensive, resentful, not to mention tongue tied); and how I decided to alter that experience so that talking about lupus was one with which I was comfortable, felt confident, and could do with ease. (I promise...it can be done!)

There were some great questions posed at the end of my talk by participants -  one of which dovetailed perfectly into a blog post I was already writing about what to do when you're "homebound". I'll be sure to tell you next week how I've been managing my "homeboundness". It wasn't that fun at first, but I'm slowly learning to embrace it. You should see how organized my hall closet is now!


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