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Day 14: Healthy Deed of the Day - Took a Pass on Making Dinner (and Walked the Dog instead!)

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Day 13: Healthy Deed - Don't Skimp on Sleep (aka Dealing with Lupus Fatigue Gracefully)

Day 12: Healthy Deed of the Day - Fix Phone Posture. Anyone else have the dreaded "slouch"? READ MORE...

Day 11: Healthy Deed of the Day - Stifle the Complaints about the Post-Vacation Bod

Day 10: Healthy deed o' day: Stopped, Reflected, and Revised (aka Tried to be a Better Parent)

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Always good to know where you're headed. 🌱🌱 #lupusin60 Lupus In 60: Stay on Track - READ MORE

Essentials. πŸ•ΆπŸŒ΄#springbreak