Day 11: Healthy Deed of the Day - Stifle the Complaints about the Post-Vacation Bod

I love returning from a vacation with a sunny glow (albeit having used plenty of SPF), and a sunny disposition. This most recent trip to Florida was a nice, long one - 12 days - so I had plenty of time to really relax and enjoy some down time with my family.

What I also had time to do was eat.

Dessert for breakfast, fries for lunch, and wine with dinner became all too common, and my daily exercise fell by the wayside one too many times. I don't necessarily regret it - I had a great time letting go. But upon returning home, I was having a hard time staying body-positive.

So I decided a healthy deed declaration was needed.

I decided to ban the negativity. No more destructive self-talk. No more complaints about tight jeans. No more preoccupation with body image.

So I ate a little too much on vacation? Now, I simply needed to stifle the sourness, and focus on where I'm headed.

Am I eating well today? Yup.

Am I getting in a healthy dose of exercise? You bet.

That's all I can expect from myself, and there can be no more complaining. The negativity doesn't help, and it just makes me feel bad about myself. And it spoils the memories of my great vacation. (Yes, that DQ M&M blizzard the last day WAS good...and worth it!)

The goal is to simply resume my daily routine of mental health and physical wellness. Daily exercise is paramount to keeping my lupus fatigue manageable, and healthy foods really help to keep my symptoms at bay. I've already noticed a difference - and the positivity is helping tremendously!


Debbie said…
What happened to Days 1-9?
Sara Gorman said…
Hi! Here's a link to the other days posted on my blog. I just searched "Deed" and this came up. Not sure why they're not in order, but all should be there!

Not sure

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