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Mama Fold and Baby Fold. **Warning** Joke Alert: "Who's bigger, Mr. Bigger or Mr. Bigger's baby? **** Answer: Mr. Bigger's baby, of course. He's a little Bigger." 🤣😂🤣🤔 #pillfold #onesizedoesnotfitall #notyourgrandmaspillbox Joke courtesy of "The Joke Book", not available on our website. 📚 #blog

Never Enuf Navy! These cute clutches carry pills. Can you believe it??👝👝 Now save 20% in our Buy One, Give One Sale. Use code "BUYTWOGET20" and save 20% off any 2 pillfolds. Did we mention you'll get FREE SHIPPING, too?! #pillfold #navy #blue #blog

Yes...all THOSE fit IN there. Our "Buy One, Give One" Sale is off and running! Use Code "BUYTWOGET20" to save 20%. Plus Free Shipping on orders over $50. #pillfold #poshpills #pillpopstyle #blog

Despite Lupus - a proud member of the Top Chronic Illness Blogs list!

Feeling Fallish For Sure. #fallstyle #withasideofleopard #notyourgrandmaspillbox

Working with Chronic Illness- check out the great new book by Pink Fortitude's own Holly Bertone!