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We have a Winner!! Pill Guessing Game results revealed! Plus #blackfriday savings!


Have 4 minutes? Help the online lupus community communicate! Take WEGO Health's short survey to contribute!

Day 17: Healthy Deed OTD - Asked for help, and saw my kids rise to the occasion!

Keys to any doctor's appointment, lupus, cancer, or otherwise - Be Organized, Informed, and Engaged!

Cancer, Radiation, and all the rest - a side step in the game of life. Just like lupus.

It's off to speak I go! LFA NC Summit 2018 - and Coolibar article!

Exagen and Blue Cross Blue Shield to collaborate in the name of Lupus!

Brain cancer: Coping with a Glioblastoma diagnosis for my dear old dad.

Despite Lupus gets WEGO Health Nomination: Best in Show: Blog. Thank you so much!!!

Not the breakfast of champions... but nobody's perfect! πŸͺ☕πŸͺ

'Cause cute counts when you're counting pills.

Pool bag. ☀️

See the 12 pill bottles hiding in this picture?? Neither can we! Introducing our two newest Pillpouch designs - sweet purple butterflies and crisp teal geometric - designed to organize and stow your stash of pills!

Brand New! Purple Fabulupus PillPouch - Now Available! Butterflies. Purple. What's not to love?!

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All my faves, Amsterdam style! Spinach✔ Eggs✔Avocado✔ #amsterdamfood #breakfast #amsterdam #summervacation #europe #smokedsalmon #avocado #egg #tb #pillfold #foodies #spinach #blog

Going British on my birthday! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Vacationing in Europe means a stocked pillfold in tow. Now to find a cup of tea...#birthdaygirl #pillfold #british #london #travelbag #blog

"Ohhh. You were just trying to shoot the pillfold." #photobomb #photoshoot #workfromhome #productshoot #productshot #pillfold #pills #pillorganizer #coworker #blog #tibetanterriersofinstagram

Pink Pill Pizzazz. πŸ’• Pink Pill Deal! Save 15% - Code inside!

Pops of pink πŸ’Ÿ Lupus doesn't define me - and I have a business to prove it! READ MORE

Tia votes for "LAUNDRY". 🐢 ENTER TO WIN: Tell us what you're willing to let go of, for the sake of your health! Details inside!

Masking for Memorial Day. πŸ’†πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Cute tote - Cute girl - All mine. ❤ Another perfect kid activity when lupus is a factor.

Despite Lupus named to Healthline's Best Lupus Blogs 2018!

Lupus Lab Fact - Kidney Involvement. Yup, I'm part of that 40%. How about you?

🐢 What are YOU going to let slide today? #lettinggo #itsallgood πŸŽ‰ ENTER TO WIN - Details inside!

Last chance! πŸŽ‰ Tell us how long it took YOU to get diagnosed with lupus, and you could win! πŸŽ‰

Nailed it! πŸ’… DEAL OF THE DAY! 40% sale - details inside!

FREE LUPUS GIVEAWAY πŸŽ‰: How long did it take YOU to get a lupus diagnosis? Here's how to win!

The Impact of Lupus

And this week's winners are...

Signs and Symptoms of Lupus

Inconsistent medicine = More flares. Yikes!

Cute print alert! Our pillfolds are a little bit Vera with a dash of Lilly this season!

The Burden of Lupus

Day 15 (&16): Yesterday's Healthy #deedoftheday was a Chest CT Scan and a 24 Hour UA. #lupus Today's healthy deed is enjoying this.

And the winners are...

"Lupus" made of Slime. How appropriate! (Art by Deirdre, age 9.) #lupusistheslimiest πŸŽ‰ LAST CHANCE - ENTER TO WIN- DEtails inside

Me: Come on the car. Time for school. Kids: We need allergy medicine. Me: But we don't have time! Kids: Grab the Just in Case!! πŸš—πŸ«πŸš—

Sunday Afternoon with my girls. So we like to organize a bit?! Take a look for details!

Free Copies of Despite Lupus! Enter to win today!

Texas Toast French Toast. Does it get any better? 🍞🍞 This morning's pill taking session.

#LAM18 Kickoff - Lupus Patients are not just a lab result! Plus why tracking your symptoms is so important.

Sail the ocean blue. ⛵πŸ‹⛵ Or is that green? Still time to take 20% off our ocean-inspired Pillfold Sanibel. Use code "SANIBELSALE" during checkout.

I spy a πŸ”¬!! Read More

Day 14: Healthy Deed of the Day - Took a Pass on Making Dinner (and Walked the Dog instead!)

Jumping for joy that it's Friday! Spring Sale - Click for Details!

Day 13: Healthy Deed - Don't Skimp on Sleep (aka Dealing with Lupus Fatigue Gracefully)

Day 12: Healthy Deed of the Day - Fix Phone Posture. Anyone else have the dreaded "slouch"? READ MORE...

Day 11: Healthy Deed of the Day - Stifle the Complaints about the Post-Vacation Bod

Day 10: Healthy deed o' day: Stopped, Reflected, and Revised (aka Tried to be a Better Parent)

Orange you glad you took your morning pills? 🍊🍊 Our navy Bordeaux pillfold is a best seller among moms and grandmas. Mark "Mother's Day Gift" off your list and save 15% today! Use code "ILOVEMOM" during checkout!

Always good to know where you're headed. 🌱🌱 #lupusin60 Lupus In 60: Stay on Track - READ MORE

Essentials. πŸ•ΆπŸŒ΄#springbreak

Day 9 - Healthy deed: Didn't let lupus fear stop me from trying, and why patience pays off.

Guess who's making it easier to diagnose #lupus? Exagen Diagnostics, that's who! READ MORE...

New Lupus Research Study - Take a look and consider volunteering for the study today!