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We have a Winner!! Pill Guessing Game results revealed! Plus #blackfriday savings!


Have 4 minutes? Help the online lupus community communicate! Take WEGO Health's short survey to contribute!

Day 17: Healthy Deed OTD - Asked for help, and saw my kids rise to the occasion!

Keys to any doctor's appointment, lupus, cancer, or otherwise - Be Organized, Informed, and Engaged!

Cancer, Radiation, and all the rest - a side step in the game of life. Just like lupus.

It's off to speak I go! LFA NC Summit 2018 - and Coolibar article!

Exagen and Blue Cross Blue Shield to collaborate in the name of Lupus!

Brain cancer: Coping with a Glioblastoma diagnosis for my dear old dad.

Despite Lupus gets WEGO Health Nomination: Best in Show: Blog. Thank you so much!!!

Not the breakfast of champions... but nobody's perfect! πŸͺ☕πŸͺ

'Cause cute counts when you're counting pills.

Pool bag. ☀️

See the 12 pill bottles hiding in this picture?? Neither can we! Introducing our two newest Pillpouch designs - sweet purple butterflies and crisp teal geometric - designed to organize and stow your stash of pills!

Brand New! Purple Fabulupus PillPouch - Now Available! Butterflies. Purple. What's not to love?!

Sorry little guy. They're πŸ’Š, not 🍞. #sorrybuddy #backinlondon #londonπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ #citywalk #waterfront #geesemakeeverythingbetter #pond #favoritecity #europe #traveldestination #geese #summervacation #pillfold #europeanvacation #blog

Bread basket heaven. πŸ₯πŸžπŸ₯ #carbs #ibuttermycroissants #amsterdamfood #pillfold #breakfast #croissant #bread #europe #summervacation #morningmotivation #traveldestination #amsterdam #animalprint #foodies #blog

All my faves, Amsterdam style! Spinach✔ Eggs✔Avocado✔ #amsterdamfood #breakfast #amsterdam #summervacation #europe #smokedsalmon #avocado #egg #tb #pillfold #foodies #spinach #blog

Going British on my birthday! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Vacationing in Europe means a stocked pillfold in tow. Now to find a cup of tea...#birthdaygirl #pillfold #british #london #travelbag #blog

"Ohhh. You were just trying to shoot the pillfold." #photobomb #photoshoot #workfromhome #productshoot #productshot #pillfold #pills #pillorganizer #coworker #blog #tibetanterriersofinstagram

Pink Pill Pizzazz. πŸ’• Pink Pill Deal! Save 15% - Code inside!

Pops of pink πŸ’Ÿ Lupus doesn't define me - and I have a business to prove it! READ MORE

Tia votes for "LAUNDRY". 🐢 ENTER TO WIN: Tell us what you're willing to let go of, for the sake of your health! Details inside!

Masking for Memorial Day. πŸ’†πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Cute tote - Cute girl - All mine. ❤ Another perfect kid activity when lupus is a factor.

Despite Lupus named to Healthline's Best Lupus Blogs 2018!

Lupus Lab Fact - Kidney Involvement. Yup, I'm part of that 40%. How about you?

🐢 What are YOU going to let slide today? #lettinggo #itsallgood πŸŽ‰ ENTER TO WIN - Details inside!

Last chance! πŸŽ‰ Tell us how long it took YOU to get diagnosed with lupus, and you could win! πŸŽ‰

Nailed it! πŸ’… DEAL OF THE DAY! 40% sale - details inside!

FREE LUPUS GIVEAWAY πŸŽ‰: How long did it take YOU to get a lupus diagnosis? Here's how to win!

The Impact of Lupus

And this week's winners are...

Signs and Symptoms of Lupus

Inconsistent medicine = More flares. Yikes!

Cute print alert! Our pillfolds are a little bit Vera with a dash of Lilly this season!

The Burden of Lupus

Day 15 (&16): Yesterday's Healthy #deedoftheday was a Chest CT Scan and a 24 Hour UA. #lupus Today's healthy deed is enjoying this.

And the winners are...

"Lupus" made of Slime. How appropriate! (Art by Deirdre, age 9.) #lupusistheslimiest πŸŽ‰ LAST CHANCE - ENTER TO WIN- DEtails inside

Me: Come on the car. Time for school. Kids: We need allergy medicine. Me: But we don't have time! Kids: Grab the Just in Case!! πŸš—πŸ«πŸš—

Sunday Afternoon with my girls. So we like to organize a bit?! Take a look for details!

Free Copies of Despite Lupus! Enter to win today!

Texas Toast French Toast. Does it get any better? 🍞🍞 This morning's pill taking session.

#LAM18 Kickoff - Lupus Patients are not just a lab result! Plus why tracking your symptoms is so important.

Sail the ocean blue. ⛵πŸ‹⛵ Or is that green? Still time to take 20% off our ocean-inspired Pillfold Sanibel. Use code "SANIBELSALE" during checkout.

I spy a πŸ”¬!! Read More

Day 14: Healthy Deed of the Day - Took a Pass on Making Dinner (and Walked the Dog instead!)

Jumping for joy that it's Friday! Spring Sale - Click for Details!

Day 13: Healthy Deed - Don't Skimp on Sleep (aka Dealing with Lupus Fatigue Gracefully)

Day 12: Healthy Deed of the Day - Fix Phone Posture. Anyone else have the dreaded "slouch"? READ MORE...

Day 11: Healthy Deed of the Day - Stifle the Complaints about the Post-Vacation Bod

Day 10: Healthy deed o' day: Stopped, Reflected, and Revised (aka Tried to be a Better Parent)

Orange you glad you took your morning pills? 🍊🍊 Our navy Bordeaux pillfold is a best seller among moms and grandmas. Mark "Mother's Day Gift" off your list and save 15% today! Use code "ILOVEMOM" during checkout!

Always good to know where you're headed. 🌱🌱 #lupusin60 Lupus In 60: Stay on Track - READ MORE

Essentials. πŸ•ΆπŸŒ΄#springbreak

Day 9 - Healthy deed: Didn't let lupus fear stop me from trying, and why patience pays off.

Guess who's making it easier to diagnose #lupus? Exagen Diagnostics, that's who! READ MORE...

New Lupus Research Study - Take a look and consider volunteering for the study today!

πŸ›« Heading to fun Lupus Blogger Event at @exagen_diagnostics headquarters in San Diego . Bet I won't be the only one there packing pills!

We're packing for Spring Break, regardless of what it looks like outside. 🌴☀🌴 How cute does our teal Montego Just In Case look in our fab new beach bag? Filled with sunscreens, aloe, wipes, SPF lip balm, leave in conditioner, and after sun spray - plus room for my phone and sunglasses - my Just In Case is ready to catch some rays! #whatitaketothebeach

Lupus Lesson: Why pushing too hard won't work with lupus (or a smartphone!)