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Day 11: Healthy Deed of the Day - Stifle the Complaints about the Post-Vacation Bod

Day 10: Healthy deed o' day: Stopped, Reflected, and Revised (aka Tried to be a Better Parent)

Orange you glad you took your morning pills? 🍊🍊 Our navy Bordeaux pillfold is a best seller among moms and grandmas. Mark "Mother's Day Gift" off your list and save 15% today! Use code "ILOVEMOM" during checkout!

Always good to know where you're headed. 🌱🌱 #lupusin60 Lupus In 60: Stay on Track - READ MORE

Essentials. πŸ•ΆπŸŒ΄#springbreak

Day 9 - Healthy deed: Didn't let lupus fear stop me from trying, and why patience pays off.

Guess who's making it easier to diagnose #lupus? Exagen Diagnostics, that's who! READ MORE...

New Lupus Research Study - Take a look and consider volunteering for the study today!

πŸ›« Heading to fun Lupus Blogger Event at @exagen_diagnostics headquarters in San Diego . Bet I won't be the only one there packing pills!

We're packing for Spring Break, regardless of what it looks like outside. 🌴☀🌴 How cute does our teal Montego Just In Case look in our fab new beach bag? Filled with sunscreens, aloe, wipes, SPF lip balm, leave in conditioner, and after sun spray - plus room for my phone and sunglasses - my Just In Case is ready to catch some rays! #whatitaketothebeach

Lupus Lesson: Why pushing too hard won't work with lupus (or a smartphone!)

Day 8 - Healthy Deed: "Dumped the Day", because even chocolate wouldn't help

Guest Post: Benefits of Essential Oils on Lupus symptoms

Day 7 - Deed of the Day: No Guilt Saying No with Lupus

A girl and her pillfold. (What she really wants is the side of ham that comes with it.) #hamslicehelpsmedicinegodown #dontmindmycone

A Peek into my Pillfold - less lupus medication - let's celebrate! (plus a video!)

Day 6 - Healthy Deed of the Day - Skipped Instagram. Worked out Instead.

Transportation options for patients in need - Uber to the rescue!

Day 5 - Healthy Deed - Battled the Insurance Company (and Won!)

ANA Test for Lupus: New study finds inconsistencies

Day 4: Healthy Deed o' the day - Skip cleaning. Rest instead. Lupus fatigue, be gone!

It's what's inside that counts.❤❤

Day 3: My Healthy Deed of the Day? Purchasing this bad boy! Read More...

Day 2: My good healthy Deed of the Day - Call the doctor.

Day 1: My good healthy Deed for the Day - Filling prescriptions on time

Living with Lupus - Doing Lupus day by day

Toiletring: the act of using one's toiletries. πŸ›πŸ’…πŸš½ #madeitup #goingviral #tidywinseverytime #organized #pillfold #justincase #blog

MakeupπŸ’„ MedicineπŸ’ŠTravel ✈ Toiletries 🚿 Use it how you want! #notpicky #alloftheabove #justincase #versatile #pillfold #travelaccessories #blog

When a cookie and a little TLC won't do the trick...the cute pups on our Just In Case Kid's Pouch are sure to help dry those tears. πŸ•πŸ• #firstaid #booboo #pillfold #toiletrybag #firstaidkit #puppy #dog #blog #puppylove (And yes, those are @alisoneroman fantastic chocolate chunk shortbread cookies with a #valentinesday twist!)

No, I did NOT take my evening pills with a Mint Crunch Bar and wash them down with red wine. But I DID thoroughly enjoy the complimentary goodies from the @theiroquois hotel afterward. #wine #hotelgoodiesarethebest #pillfold #darkchocolate #redwine #hotel #blog

Lupus Hair Loss: Peppermint Oil for hair loss. Any Essential oil success stories out there?

If we think Spring, will it come sooner? ☀ Now take 15% off your next Pillbag purchase - use code "THINKSPRING" during checkout! #coolshades #wishfulthinking #thinkspring #pillfold #blog #tibetanterrier #dogsofinstagram

Hello, cute toiletry bag in cute boutique hotel. Thx @theiroquois for a great night's sleep! Now off to a #lupus panel discussion. #worktrip #nyc #nycforanight #blog

Love when the travel bag becomes an everyday bag. We're so happy when our customers are happy! #mademyday #goodcustomersmakegiftshowsfun #pillfold #blog

Thanks, MedCity News, for including the patient perspective in an article on Outcome Health!

Morning essentials. ☕☕ #dessertforbreakfast #dessertfirst #coffeetime #pillfold #blog #animalprint Fabulous Monster Cookie recipe courtesy of @adashofsanity

Needed a friendly face right now. 🐢 🐢 Waiting at the hospital to be called for a Chest CT scan. Upon check in, I learned I owed $895, not the $350 quoted by my insurance yesterday. Blah. Good news is that I feel great...just trying to figure out why my xrays still show pneumonia remnants from last summer. Double blah. Accepting finger crossing and prayers of all sorts. #pupsfixeverything #dogsofinstagram #cutebuttrouble #despitelupus #blog #lupus #tibetanterrier

Flash sale! Flash Sale! See inside for details!

Mid-day snack for mid-day pills 🍎🍎 - featuring our fave toppings of #peanutbutter, #coconut, & #chocolate. #eatmorepb

Oh, to be back in Martinique, where my pillfold much preferred poolside pillpopping.

Oh. That's where I put my favorite Kate Spade earrings. ♠♠ #doubleduty