GSK gets FDA approval for self-injectable Benlysta treatment!

Exciting news in the world of lupus treatments!

GlaxoSmithKline, the pharma company that brought us Benlysta, has just announced they've received FDA approval for the self injectable form of the drug. How fabulous for Benlysta takers!

My understanding is that, up to this point, Benlysta treatments have required a day spent at an infusion center - costing patients time and energy, two things already at a premium for many lupus patients. Wouldn't an at-home, self-injectable Benlysta treatment be a fantastic option?

As someone who gave herself daily Lovenox shots during her first pregnancy, I can attest to how easy, straightforward, and painless self-injection medicine can be. You can read about that here and here, but anything that saves a trip to the doctor or an infusion center is a win in my book!

You can learn more about Benlysta infusions from previous posts from our guest blogger, Patty Richey here. She does a great job explaining the process, and we were happy to highlight her expertise.

Below is a snippet from the press release, but you can read the whole announcement here. You can also read about the massive expansion GSK announced earier this year here. All great news for lupus R and D!!


The FDA approved the first self-injection lupus treatment from GSK for the most common form of lupus, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). This new injection formulation is a cornerstone of contemporary care. Unlike most SLE treatments, BENLYSTA for subcutaneous use (SC) will allow patients to self-inject at home, after training from their doctor, providing them with additional treatment choice.

Belimumab has helped change the story of lupus treatment with the first FDA-approved lupus treatment in over 50 years. Together, BENLYSTA IV and BENLYSTA SC provide patients and healthcare professionals with a portfolio of options to help patients reach their treatment goals.


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