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Here’s a question I often ask myself: How can I grow my business, and stay well?

It feels like I’m always searching for the magic formula to accomplish this. I want a solution that allows me to excel professionally, while continuing to maintain the wellness I've come to expect.

And yet, each time I go searching, I always come back to the same answer, no matter how hard it is to accept: Stay well first, then grow the business…second.

 I can’t ignore that when I put my health first - ahead of everything else – the “everything else” just seems to fall into place. This isn’t always easy. Putting your health first requires that sacrifices be made – some big, some not so big. But when we compromise our health in order to pursue an agenda – be it chasing a competitor, or even comparing ourselves to the Instagrammer next door, the sacrifices that follow are always huge. At least they are for me. And they usually involve medicine. And sometimes complication of a vital organ. (A big thanks to brave and courageous Selena Gomez for sharing what that can actually look like.)

So if choosing wellness means my business blossoms a little more slowly, so be it. There can be no comparisons, and certainly no "musts". And definitely no “if only's”. We have one shot at this thing called life. And I want mine – my life with lupus, its complexity, and the manageable business I launched because of it - to be MY happy place. 

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