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For months after I was diagnosed with lupus, I assumed my days at the beach were over. I'd been told that sun exposure could exacerbate my symptoms, and I'd already experienced that first-hand. Being in the sun for any extended period of time brought on flu-like symptoms, sometimes even a fever, increased swelling and joint pain.
The sun had become my enemy - and I said good bye to annual bathing suit shopping, and said hello to stocking up on long sleeve shirts and large brimmed hats. I avoided the sun as much as possible, which definitely affected my lifestyle choices and limited my daily routines. 

Thankfully, my photosensitivity has waned over the years. As my disease has become more manageable and stable, the time I can spend in the sun, without consequence, has increased. Hooray! 

But as I enter back into the sun-kissed life, I have to be extra diligent about managing the exposure I do get. How long is too long? How much is enough to ignite my symptoms? These are questions I ask myself every time I venture out in the sun - to watch a kid's softball game, or to relax on vacation. And sometimes, I don't ask them soon enough. 

Enter Shade - a new device that monitors sun exposure, keeps tabs on your sun screen, and allows you to track your well being so you know exactly how long is too long, and precisely how much is too much. This UV sensor checks all the boxes for photosensitive lupus patients like us! 

The Shade app is super easy to use on your smart phone, and the actual magnetic device is light, easy to wear, and unobtrusive. In fact, I consulted with the company when they were in the developmental phase, and I love the resulting sensor they brought to market. Clearly, they incorporated the feedback they received! 

Here's what Shade looks like when it arrives on your doorstep: 

This summer, I traveled to L.A., the Jersey Shore, Aruba, and several places in between, and Shade came with me every time. I learned so much about my sun limitations, the impact SPF has on your time in the sun, and how much UV exposure you get on a cloudy day.  Most of us are familiar with these generic sun facts, but to see the technology capture the specific metrics and see it play out over the course of a day was amazing. My kids even wanted to know when Shade told me to reapply sunscreen, so they could reassess theirs. Seriously! Technology creating awareness, affecting change, and encouraging kids to act responsibly. 

Think Shade is something to consider? Check out their website here. You can read about how the concept for Shade came about, why they've partnered with Olympian and fellow lupus warrior Shannon Boxx, and exactly how the sensor works.  And don't skip the videos - I'll never underestimate the UV exposure you get indoors again!  

And Shade has extended a special $30 discount to Despite Lupus readers!  Just type in "DL30" in the discount code during checkout. Click here to take advantage of the savings! Particularly as fall descends, and sunscreen usage becomes less liberal than in the dog days of summer, Shade might be just be the ticket! 


Anonymous said…
I have lupus and I purchased a SHADE UV sensor to monitor my UV because I am photosensitive. Although it worked fairly well, within a week the sensor kept falling out of the bracelet holder. I sent it back to be repaired, and they returned it, but had just hot glued the sensor to the band! (and it was a messy hot glue job). It took me 2 months and having to issue a dispute through my credit card to get refunded. They also continued to bill my card even though I returned the sensor with their pre-paid return label!

I put a review on the shade website as well, describing my experience. However, as you could guess, they deleted it within one day.
I never post negative reviews, but I feel it's important to share my experience. buyer beware.
Sara Gorman said…
I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience! Thanks for sharing, though. We appreciate all perspectives!

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