When you have a chance, check out Wellsphere, a new online social community geared toward health and wellness, chock full of resources, discussions and activities related to food, fitness, and medical issues. In the link below, you'll see that Despite Lupus is featured as one of the preferred Lupus blogs to check out (thank you very much!), but don't stop there. Check out the entire site for all of the best tips on how to stay well.

I've been told that coming soon, there will be a section on the site dedicated solely to Lupus, so be sure to keep checking back. Until then, the Healing and Recovery section under "Communities" seems to be a good choice.
Here's a snippet from the Wellsphere bio - telling you who they are and what they're all about:

Wellsphere builds online healthy living communities that help people ‘Get active, Eat better and Unwind’. Wellsphere’s groundbreaking platform works by connecting each member with local health and wellness resources, classes and activities that match their unique interests and goals, and with the personalized advice and social support they need to sustain healthy habits. The company hosts a public website for consumers at http://www.wellsphere.com and creates proprietary communities (such as http://stanford.wellsphere.com/) for large organizations seeking to improve the health and well being of their members and reduce their healthcare costs. Wellsphere is headquartered in San Mateo, California.

Founders Ron Gutman and Dave Kashen started the company based on a vision for helping to solve the country’s health crisis and a passion for helping people improve their well-being. From the obesity epidemic to the rise of inactivity to the high levels of stress found across America, our country is not exactly in good shape. Most of us know at least a few things we could do to improve our well-being, but haven’t quite gotten around to doing them yet. Both Ron and Dave know from personal experience the incredible impact that becoming more active and eating better can have on people’s lives (yea, they’re still working on the relaxation part, but 2 out of 3 is a good start). Turns out making changes is HARD. So, they gathered a group of some of the brightest minds across Stanford’s graduate schools and asked one simple question: “How do we help people improve their own lives?”
Check out the site and discover the answer!


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