Doing Something About It!

Nicole Paxson was diagnosed with Lupus at the young age of twelve, struggling for years to cope with the symptoms of the disease. She suffered through bouts of Chemotherapy, sun sensitivities, and blood disorders, in addition to the red "butterfly rash" on her face and body.

After failing to find an appropriate beauty product on the market that could sufficiently mask the dreaded Lupus rash and provide adequate protection from the sun, she took it upon herself to come up with a line of makeup that would do the job. After spending almost three years working with lab experts to perfect her product, she's developed something that she knows firsthand will help cover up unsightly (yet unpreventable) skin conditions. She even donates a portion of the proceeds to Lupus and skin disorder research.

Kudos to Nicole for taking matters into her own hands - check out her website where you can read more about her story and her products. For even more on Nicole, click here!


Anonymous said…
Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals foundation covers lupus rash like you would not believe. Awesome product and has some natural SPF protection in it.
Sara Gorman said…
Good to know! Glad there are a few products out there that help.

Thanks for sharing!

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