Vacation Temptation

Johnny and I have always taken a lot of vacation time. When I was working, I never had any unused time at the end of the year, and I was often working to make up for the time off I’d already taken. Traveling the world just seemed to be something that we both enjoyed, and after this 9-month hiatus, we’re looking forward to getting back to it. (I know, I know – we still have a couple more months before Baby Bun will be ready to travel…but better to think about our trips for ’09 now rather than wait until we’re too tired to plan them!)

In contemplating what vacations to take, I’m reminded of how important it is not to let my efforts to live well fall by the wayside. I know I’ve blogged about chronically jetsetting before, but I just had my last hurrah sans bambino this past weekend, and I was reminded how the simplest things can throw off my routine. While it’s tempting to stay up late, engage in a lot of activities, eat indulgent food, and skimp on rest and, when I’m not pregnant, exercise…I have to remember that I still have Lupus, regardless of what state or country I’m in.

That’s not to say that I don’t or shouldn’t indulge a little. I just need to find a balance so that I don’t need a vacation to recover from my vacation. Staying up late ONE night is fine…three in a row is where I get into trouble. Same with eating my way through a vacation. My trouble isn’t in eating too much food – it’s eating the right kinds of foods. When I’m traveling, I tend to grab a danish or a muffin around mid-morning rather than a piece of fruit, which I would have at home. One time is fine, but doing it several mornings in a row takes its toll. And exercise is another biggee for me. I’m a routine person – always have been, always will be – so why shouldn’t I take 20 or 30 minutes to exercise while on vacation (and do so in a much prettier setting than I would at home?) Just because I’m on vacation doesn’t mean my body doesn’t need to be invigorated the way it does at home. Sure I can skip a day or two, but it’s in my best interest to get in some light exercise just to keep my joints supple. (Note that my joints are very unsupple right now due to this big belly of mine. Once Bun arrives, I’m looking forward to getting my flexibility back!)

So come my next vacation – I’ll be ready. I imagine traveling with a wee one will provide even more challenges, but that’s why it will be more important to take care of myself while on the road. Now I’ll have another little person to watch out for!

And if you’re thinking that our next trip will be to Disney World, think again. Bun won’t have caused us to change strides that quickly!


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