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Even peppy pups need Pillfolds. 🐢Thx, niece Cloey, for showing us your meds! #lupusin60

Pillpouch pill bottle organizers back in stock!

You saw it here first! Our new Pillfold XL Caravelle is now available! Pre-order yours today! #blog #pillfold #accessories #iloveblue

Living With Lupus: Eliminate the Shoulds - #lupusin60

Chocolate Craving meets "Take Evening Pills with Food." Oops. - Luscious Brownie Recipe courtesy of @iambaker

Super lupus interview on a super website, with a super shout out for the Pillfold! Thank you, Wholesome LLC!

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"Can I nap yet, or are we still playing together?" #lupusin60

Who's ready for Spring??

So bold! 🌊🌊#lupusin60

Feedspot's Top Lupus Blog - so appreciative that Despite Lupus was included!

Lighter later.

Moment in the Spotlight: Loved working with Outcome Health on their Patient Video!

Can you hear my heart melting?? ❤❤

A poised and peaceful palm. Here's to a relaxing weekend! #lupusin60

Oh, the places you'll go with your Pillfold Bordeaux! #drseuss #catinthehat

I can't think of anything else I'll need on my trip to Boca this weekend. Girls trip 2017!! #pillfold #boca #girlstrip #blog

Sky, aqua, cobalt, navy, midnight, oxford, baby, powder...Who can name another?? #blue

Show and Teal. Love this @missoni color combo!

Varsity Blues Friday Saleday!

"Do not take on empty stomach." I don't intend to. ❤

The power of positive thinking, by Bernie G, age 6.

Top Health Influencers of 2017 - My sincere thanks for including Despite Lupus!

"I'd rather stay sick than be well," said no one ever. That's right - Take your meds when and how you're supposed to. Put them in something pretty if you have to.

The secret ingredient to living well with lupus: A dose of hope.

Who needs a souvenir shop when there are beaches to comb? Collected over my lifetime, this shell display is my favorite #diy decor to date.

I spy a palm tree next to my pills. Can it be like this every day??

LifeHacker's "Seven Signs your Nutrition Plan Works for You": Listen and learn from the best source possible - your body!

Morning pills poolside.

Packing up pills for paradise.

Goal setting with lupus: Pencil it in!

Organized pills are happy pills. Keep them straight and stylish in our bright and cheery Varsity Pillfold.

Napping is good. What else is there to say?

Morning meds, hot tea, good book, comfy spot by fireplace. #morningroutine

Too soon for "Cold, cold, go away"?? Keep your pills cozy in our Zoe Pillfold.

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Yes, indeed! Use your pillbox for jewelry, so you can use our pillfold for pills! Love @polkadotchair "11 Travel Hacks" post, sponsored by @eBay. Pillbox photo courtesy of @polkadotchair.