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My idea of countertop clutter.

Lupus Knows No Boundaries e-Report, now unveiled!

Yoga for Lupus Webinar - Register and receive a Special Perk for the Pillbags!

Riding solo. πŸ›ΆπŸ›ΆπŸ›Ά #lupusin60 Lupus in :60 - Isolation

Pillbag 101: Filled, folded, and fabulous!

Pretty in Petite Pink Prisms. Say that 10 times fast! Say hello to our two newest Pillfolds, just in time for Mother's Day. Order by Wed, 5/10, select Priority Shipping, and you'll have it by Sat.! #pillfold #prettyinpink #mothersday #blog

Healthline's Best Blogs of 2017. Honored that Despite Lupus is included!

Breakfast is served! πŸ₯“πŸ₯“

Join others with lupus in a groundbreaking research study you can do from home and receive $75 for your time.

Got Lupus? The LFA's got you covered! #lupusanswers

Lupus Awareness Month at last, and Despite Lupus is celebrating!

Oh, look! It's a petite new tag on our bluetiful new pillbag! πŸ‘›πŸ‘› #pillfold #blog #new #fabric #accessories #blue

Shiny and chic, but now Petite! Celebrate our new tag and save 15%!

Even peppy pups need Pillfolds. 🐢Thx, niece Cloey, for showing us your meds! #lupusin60

Pillpouch pill bottle organizers back in stock!

You saw it here first! Our new Pillfold XL Caravelle is now available! Pre-order yours today! #blog #pillfold #accessories #iloveblue

Living With Lupus: Eliminate the Shoulds - #lupusin60

Chocolate Craving meets "Take Evening Pills with Food." Oops. - Luscious Brownie Recipe courtesy of @iambaker

Super lupus interview on a super website, with a super shout out for the Pillfold! Thank you, Wholesome LLC!

Pretty in Pink! Shop our Spring Sale Today - Take 15% off and travel in style! Use Discount code "SPRINGBREAK" during checkout.

"Can I nap yet, or are we still playing together?" #lupusin60

Who's ready for Spring??

So bold! 🌊🌊#lupusin60

Feedspot's Top Lupus Blog - so appreciative that Despite Lupus was included!

Lighter later.

Moment in the Spotlight: Loved working with Outcome Health on their Patient Video!

Can you hear my heart melting?? ❤❤

A poised and peaceful palm. Here's to a relaxing weekend! #lupusin60

Oh, the places you'll go with your Pillfold Bordeaux! #drseuss #catinthehat

I can't think of anything else I'll need on my trip to Boca this weekend. Girls trip 2017!! #pillfold #boca #girlstrip #blog

Sky, aqua, cobalt, navy, midnight, oxford, baby, powder...Who can name another?? #blue

Show and Teal. Love this @missoni color combo!

Varsity Blues Friday Saleday!

"Do not take on empty stomach." I don't intend to. ❤

The power of positive thinking, by Bernie G, age 6.

Top Health Influencers of 2017 - My sincere thanks for including Despite Lupus!

"I'd rather stay sick than be well," said no one ever. That's right - Take your meds when and how you're supposed to. Put them in something pretty if you have to.

The secret ingredient to living well with lupus: A dose of hope.

Who needs a souvenir shop when there are beaches to comb? Collected over my lifetime, this shell display is my favorite #diy decor to date.

I spy a palm tree next to my pills. Can it be like this every day??

LifeHacker's "Seven Signs your Nutrition Plan Works for You": Listen and learn from the best source possible - your body!

Morning pills poolside.

Packing up pills for paradise.

Goal setting with lupus: Pencil it in!