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In an earlier post, I shared that DxTerity, a company developing genomic tests to better manage autoimmune diseases, is currently recruiting people with lupus for a unique research study on lupus. I decided to take the plunge and participate. A study that doesn’t affect my medication or doctor’s visits, one that I can do from home and provides compensation for my time? Yes, please!

Participating in the study is super easy. There are essentially two parts – a series of online questionnaires, which are straightforward and quick to complete, and the sample collection, which takes just a few minutes and involves a simple, finger-stick collection kit. Reminder emails from the study prompt you to complete each step, and provide links directly to any feedback you need to provide.

Once I signed up, I completed an initial questionnaire, and was reminded that a collection kit would arrive in the mail within a few days. And it did, right on schedule!

Setting aside a few minutes to collect the sample, I opened the box, and here’s what’s included:

I read the easy-to-follow instruction pamphlet through, and then began. To increase blood flow to ease the collection process, the pamphlet made suggestions, including massaging fingertips and making fists before beginning. You can see me doing that here:

Next, comes cleansing the area, applying the lancet to the finger, and lancing your finger to get a small finger prick. Don’t worry – it doesn’t hurt!

Next, the sample collection. Applying slight pressure to my finger, I pressed the lanced finger against the sponged collection device (the Collector) to allow the collection to begin.

This process took a little longer than I first thought, but still less than 2 minutes. I eventually turned my lanced finger downward against the Collector, while continuing to apply pressure, so gravity would help the process. It takes 5-10 drops of blood to fill the small sponge – which means you apply pressure and collect, apply pressure and collect, etc.

Once the Collector was sufficiently full (there are clear pictures to guide you), I inserted the Collector into a tube provided (called the Transportation Tube), and twisted until secure. Here’s what it looks like secured:

I inserted the Transportation Tube, post-collection, into the Bio Hazard bag provided, returned it to the pre-stamped box the kit came in, sealed the box, and popped it in the mail.

Quick and easy!  

If you’ve been diagnosed with lupus, I would definitely considering joining other lupus patients nationwide who are contributing to this groundbreaking research to help researchers develop an at-home blood test people living with lupus can use to monitor their disease activity.

All I had to do was answer a few health surveys online and collect a few drops of blood. It felt great to contribute, right from home. And the compensation component is super!  

For more information about the study and to see if you qualify, please visit: http://www.theliftstudy.com/despitelupus/. Enter your email address on the landing page, and you’ll be taken to a qualification and consent form that takes just a moment to complete. I hope you’ll join me! @theliftstudy @dxterityinc #lupus #theliftstudy #ad 


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