A stack of mail like this requires tools: fruit, chocolate...and a letter opener! #lupusin60 Your Lupus Toolkit Read More...

Lupus in :60 - Your Lupus Toolkit:

With a chronic illness like lupus, it's tempting to combat the physical limitations and emotional effects, all on your own. You want to feel capable, independent, and resilient. But why not empower yourself and ease the way by using the "tools" around you?

Tools in your Lupus Toolkit:

1) Friends and Family - They want to help; let them.

2) Rest - The best disease management tactic ever.

3) Knowledge - Fight ignorance with facts.

4) Confidence - You know what you need. Now ask for it.

5) Literal Tools - Use letter openers, jar openers, or easy grip anything. Don't be embarrased about being efficient.

6) Your Doctor - Don't suffer. Just call.

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