Beach bound! #lupusin60

Beach bound! Lupus in :60 - #lupusin60 -- It's vacation time, and that means plenty of fun in the sun.  Despite the care-free days that we all look forward, it's still possible to stay healthy and flare free.  After all, what good is being sick on vacation, if you can avoid it! #beentheredonethat ---

Here are my tips for keeping lupus at bay:

1)  STICK WITH WHAT WORKS - Even though the fun of vacation is the lack of agenda, I still manage to adhere to my napping schedule. Taking an hour or two every afternoon to rest up and recharge is just the thing to keep my body on track. Whatever works for you at home, keep it going on vacay.

 2) CHEAT, BUT WISELY - Rules can bend on vacation, but it's best if you don't bend them all at once! Eating nothing but donuts for breakfast, skipping a workout, skimping on a nap, starting "wine" down early, or staying up late are all fine on their own, but packing them into the same day is trouble! Pick one or two cheats per day, and save the others for later.

 3) TAKE COVER - One of the easiest ways to manage lupus disease activity is by limiting sun exposure.  A wide brim hat and plenty of SPF help, but I always seek out shade when possible. Take breaks for food, water, or les toilettes, if you need an excuse. And thanks to @wearshade, I have a fun new gadget to help monitor my sun exposure. More on that later, but check them out at!

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