Balancing Act. #lupusin60 Lupus in :60 Finding Balance.

Many of us strive to find balance in life - work, family, happiness, success. During the summer months, that can be particularly challenging! Add a chronic illness to the mix, especially one that requires extra rest & lifestyle accommodation, and finding balance can seem impossible.

How do you decide between:

Getting the rest you need vs. spending the afternoon with your kids.

Saying "No" to conserve energy vs. lending a hand because you want to.

Scaling back at work for the good of your health vs. striving to succeed and be fulfilled.

Limiting your sun exposure vs spending a fun day at the beach.

Putting your health first so you stay well vs. wanting to take care of your kids, spouse, parents.

These can be tough choices. But keeping in mind two strategies may help:

1) Stay Flexible -- Maybe one day you DO have to skimp on beach time, but maybe you can make it work the next. Remaining flexible allows you to adjust when your body needs extra TLC, and let's you live a little when your body cooperates.

2) Be Forgiving -- It's hard when your lupus body lets you down, particularly when the disease prevents you from doing what you want to do. But try not to beat yourself up over it. Forgive your compromised self, and focus on what you can to do to improve the outcome the next time. #blog #lupus
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