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The holiday season is upon us - filled to the brim with family, cooking, baking decorating, shopping, gift giving and a slew of other activities that keep us on the move until the New Year. I can feel the frenzy just writing about it!

To bring the peace and joy of the holiday season to the forefront, I'm going to do these three things at least once a day: Plan; Prioritze; Delegate.

If I start the day with a plan, those "musts" and "have to's" that I dream up midday will be forced to the bottom of the list - right where they belong.

And if I make an effort to rank the tasks I need to accomplish each day, I'll have the peace of mind knowing I'm getting to the important stuff first, and the others on the list can wait.

Lastly, when I use my resources wisely - asking my kids to empty the dishwasher, letting my husband update the Christmas card list and run the "guest shuttle", and using the internet to deliver gifts right to my door - I'll save time and energy, allowing me to actually enjoy the holiday season. What a novel idea!

Wishing you a very safe and happy holiday this year. Stay well!

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