Despite Lupus - a proud member of the Top Chronic Illness Blogs list!

Wow! Thrilled to have received news that Despite Lupus is on the list of the Top Chronic Illness Blogs! So thankful for the recognition - and so happy to be able to keep this lupus blog alive. So many of you take time to email or comment, and it is such motivation to keep writing!

You can check out the full list of great blogs here.


Unknown said…
Congratulations. I was just browsing around looking at subjects I should check out. And Voila! here you are. I'm not officially diagnosed yet. Several docs are batting it around as a possibility due to two positive tests and one negative. Very low wbc and neutraphils. Cardiologist , internist/gp, oncologist, and on Halloween, a rheumatologist who diagnosed me with Lyme Disease many years ago. So, I'm sure I'll be reading your blog. Thanks for sharing. Lisa
Sara Gorman said…
So glad you found us! Best of luck as you sort through the dx process. Keep me posted on the progress - and hang in there!

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