Lightening Your Load while Getting a Grip

Time to highlight another suggestion on the Lightening Your Load ticker. Ever thought about using easy-to-grip kitchen utensils instead of those harsh, metallic, thin daggers you're currently using? You won't believe the difference they can make when your hands are hurting. 

OXO Good Grips is a great brand to check out - they have eating utensils, kitchen gadgets and a whole lot more. Each piece features a soft, rubber-like material that is comfortable to hold (even in the most arthritic hand) and easy to use. The larger grip allows you to loosely grasp the utensils, rather than having to contend with the painfully small, rigid stem of most kitchen gadgets. When you're flaring, every little bit helps! 

Check out the broad selection of kitchen utensils and garden tools at Active Forever or at Great Cookware. You can also search locally for the best deal on these utensils. Most Target and Wal-Mart stores carry several versions of these things. Here's to making your next PB&J pain-free!


Anonymous said…
I just want to say "thank you" for being so on top of what is out there for us, Sara! I love to visit and see what you've found.

You're amazing~
Boston Warehouse sells some tools/utensils at Target as well, but they are in animal shapes. Same idea though, a lot more comfortable in your hand with out question. They have them for sale on there website as well. I like them but I'm sure there not for everyone.

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