Lupus and Sleep: Renaming a Nap

By mid afternoon today, I was feeling pretty crummy about my productivity. I'd been particularly tired (probably from three late nights over the long weekend), and I had needed two naps   - one from 8:30-10:30a, and another for about 45 minutes this afternoon. When I made a mental list of the things I'd accomplished,  it felt like I'd done next to nothing. Here's what I came up with: 

Got kids off to school
Finished a podcast
Worked Out
Napped again

But then I thought - what if I said,  "Managed lupus fatigue" instead of "Napped"? Would that change the way I felt about it? Would it appear to be a better use of my time? A more productive activity to me? 

What if my weekday to-do's included "manage fatigue" from now on? And on weekends - when I'm calling out to my family that I'm heading upstairs to nap - what if I said, "Okay, guys. I'm off to manage my lupus fatigue. I'll be back when I'm finished"? 

I think I'd feel better about myself. I already do feel better about myself! And I'm writing this blog post about it, so now on my list of accomplishments, right after "managed lupus fatigue for a second time", it says, "wrote a blog post."

I'd call that productive, indeed! 


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