Why do we donate to lupus? Because of this right here!

Why do we donate 5% of every sale to lupus charity? 💜 Because of this. Because of my story:

*Diagnosed with lupus at age 26.  

*World turned upside down. 

*Attended @lupusorg support group meeting, where it was encouraged to:








*Wrote and published a book about the positive steps taken to live well with lupus. 

*@lupusorg gives book their Seal of Approval. 

*Launched book signing tour and started on worldwide speaking circuit.

*Helped spread advocacy, education, and awareness through speaking events with organizations like @lupusorg, @lupusresearchalliance, @lupuscanada and @lupusuk  

*Learned during these events that other patients (also on a lifetime of medication) despise the plastic drugstore pill box as much as I do. 

*Invented a more stylish, secure pill organizer so taking pills wouldn't be a drag; it would be a Dose of Style™.

*Launched Sara Gorman's Pillbags, including  patented Pillfold and Pillpouch lines. 

*Expanded line to include jewelry organizers, toiletry bags, and larger pill organizer. 

*Gave back to @lupusorg and other lupus organizations - more than $20K to date! 

💜 Why not support the cause with a Pillbag purchase today? www.saragorman.com


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