Senior Living at Home: Managing Mom's Medicine as a Caregiver

 When my mom came to live with us two years ago,  along with her came a huge tub of medication. Like, a 15" x 22" size tub! There were current medications mixed with outdated meds, old prescriptions she no longer took, OTC supplements that had been stopped, and refill upon refill. It was time for a refresh! 

We did a complete overall, something most of us need to do at least once a year. We disposed of expired drugs, combined refills, and checked with her doctor to confirm that the meds she had stopped, she no longer needed. We also switched storage methods from the bin to the Just In Case Montego, seen here:

The large tub was fine for my late father, who, bless his soul, had been successfully managing her medications for several years. But a bulky, ugly, plasticky bin was not conducive to her new living arrangement. She couldn't pull it out, or tote it from room to room when she needed to refill her weekly meds. Now, she can easily carry her medication bag wherever she needs to. Everything is in front of her, and all in one place. A personal success story,  as well as a professional one. The design of our pillbag works! 😉 🙌


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