Food and Lupus: Keeping Inflammation away!

I know I post a lot of pictures of sweets and treats on our Pillbag Instagram account, many of which make their way here, to this blog. What can I say? They make our bags look good! 🍪🍩🥧 

But this picture is a more accurate depiction of what we really eat around here. 🥑🥦🍎 I added a filet of salmon after I snapped this picture. Delicious! 🐟

I've found the foods I eat regularly have a direct correlation with my lupus symptoms, so I try to choose wisely in order to keep my disease as inactive as possible. Thus, fruit or avocado toast in the a.m., an egg with spinach or another green at lunch, and a sensible dinner, like a salad with protein, seem to work best for me. I snack during the day, but usually on fruit, nuts, or sauteed veggies. I don't avoid anything completely.  I just primarily eat the good stuff, and if other things cycle in now and again, my body can recover. Inflammation, joint pain, and increased fatigue are my first signs of a lupus flare - so I try not to muddy the waters by eating a ton of foods that cause those same symptoms (dairy, meat, and sugar, I'm talking to you!) 

Add a dose of daily exercise, a nap in the afternoon, and adherence to my medication routine, and that's how I keep myself living well, despite lupus. 


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