Aurinia's ALLIN Lupus Nephritis Resource Awareness Kit - Bursting with Resources!

As the month of March comes to an end,  so, too, does National Kidney Month. As many of you know, systemic lupus can cause complications with the kidneys, leading to irritation, swelling, and long-term organ damage. When caused by SLE, this type of kidney disease is called lupus nephritis (LN), and I've had it since I was in my early 30's.

You can read about LN here and here, and I recently blogged about the steps Aurinia Pharmaceuticals is taking to raise awareness and provide much-needed resources to the LN community. Included is their ALLIN website, as well as their new Lupus Nephritis Resource Awareness Kit, which is chock full of tip and strategies for managing LN.  

Pop over to Aurinia's website to register to receive your own Lupus Nephritis Resource Awareness Kit. It's absolutely free, and bursting with a ton of great resources for people with lupus nephritis. Here are some pics of me when I received mine!

What's Inside: 

Within the box kit, you'll find an ALLIN flash drive, a pair of Kidney Awareness bracelets, and a pamphlet with a ton of LN questions answered. 

The flash drive is where the real LN nuggets are - plug it in, and up pop graphics, photos, and articles addressing the issues and questions surrounding LN. You'll find quotes and tips from real patients with kidney involvement, including yours truly! I am thrilled that they also chose to include excerpts from my book, Despite Lupus, about various aspects of living with and manageing LN. 

Here are some close ups of the kit's contents, as well as sneak peak of one of the pages from the drive. And me, as a proud content contributor! 


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