Square Peg in a Round Hole. Sometimes it WILL work! #lupusin60 Let Lupus "Fit". Read more...

Lupus in :60 - Let Lupus "Fit": For years, I tried forcing lupus to fit into my busy, driven lifestyle. Convinced I needed to push more and rest less, I pressed through long hours at work, and nights out with friends. I overscheduled my weekends, ignoring my body's cry for a break. In fact, the more my body resisted, the harder I pushed. I was determined to force my body to conform -- to fit the square peg in the round hole.

Over time, unrelenting symptoms and damaged organs told me I needed a new strategy. I realized forcing my body to do anything was futile. Instead, I needed to listen to my body more, build flexibility into my schedule, and include forgiveness in my goal-setting.  Today, with two small children and a growing business. I'm busier and more active than ever. But I've learned to loosen the constrainsts on my life's agenda, softening here, and letting go there, so lupus fits more comfortably into my busy, fulfilling life.

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