Surgery, Strep, and Stroke. Busy week for the ladies in my life!

This past week has been a busy one.

Last Friday, Bernadette, my 4-year old, went in for a much anticipated surgery to remove her adenoids. It was an outpatient procedure, and while mom and dad were a little nervous, Bernie was as happy as could be. She was really looking forward to "getting her nosey fixed". She's had a congested schnozz since the day she was born, and since the ENT told us a few weeks ago that her nasal passage was almost 100% blocked, we knew this was the right procedure to do.

Good news is that the surgery was a complete success! She was sick for about a day with the anesthesia, but she was in good spirits, and breathing so much better, she didn't seem to mind. After the sickness ended, she's been good as new. I can't believe how quickly kids can recover!

Here are some pics from our big event:

And while Bernie was recuperating nicely over the weekend, poor sister Deirdre came down with a fever, strep throat, and an ear infection. What timing! We'd planned on nursing Bernie back to health over the past few days, but it's been Deirdre who's been in need. We just showered both girls with TLC, and everyone is almost back to 100%.

Except, that is, for one little lady. And that's my mom.

The day before Bernie's surgery, my mom was admitted to the hospital. Turns out she had a stroke, with evidence of two additional strokes in the recent past. Her doctors also determined that she has meningitis and encephalitis. She had a case of shingles about 5 weeks ago, and has been struggling since. Now we know why!

She's off for intense therapy (OT, PT, etc.) at a rehabilitation clinic for about two weeks. They're confident that she'll be speaking, walking, and feeling significantly better at the end of her stay. We sure hope she is!

So that's it for me this week. I'll be continuing to care for the ladies in my life (either in person or by sending love and kisses over the phone to my momma), but will be back next week ready to blog. Can't wait!


Unknown said…
No kidding about it being an eventful week! You're a strong lady! Prayers for everyone recovering smoothly now and for you to get some much needed rest after all of that!
Kim said…
So sorry for all of your struggles! Wish your mother well for me and tell her she's being thought of in Tennessee. Despite it all, I could not help grinning ear to ear from seeing your adorable daughter! What a cutie! Thanks for posting!
Sara Gorman said…
You're welcome! Thanks for the well wishes!
Unknown said…
You are an inspiration for all of us spoonies, and that's why I follow you. Thank you. By the way...I just nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award. Please if you have time tag other people with 7 facts about yourself. More information here: I love your layout! I've been telling myself I need to work on my layout and logo but I haven't had the time, I'm in my last semester of college...and I'm a graphic design major too. My current layout doesn't reflect my style of work though. My background was for a web design project. It definitely want to work on it though! By the way I nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award! Congrats! Heres more info on my blog and feel free to tag more people
Sara Gorman said…
Thx so much for the nomination! I'm so glad you're bloging, too. I'm always tweaking something, whether it's on my blog or re: my pillbags, so know that there's always time. I'm sure you're juggling a ton as it is! Keep on posting, and I'll be sure to keep tabs on u and ur blog. Thx again!

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