Spending my time wisely

Yesterday, I'd set aside 30-45 minutes after my nap to write today's blog post.

But instead of writing, I chose to spend that time talking to my mom and dad on the phone. They found out earlier in the day that my mom has a pulmonary embolism, or blood clot in her lung, on top of everything else she's been through.  So for her sake, and for mine, I decided a good old fashioned chat with my parents would be time better spent.

And boy, did it feel like the right decision.

There will always be time to write a post, run an errand, or cross something off my list. But there's never a better time than the present to call someone you love, and tell them how much they mean to you.

Feel free to jump on the band wagon. Instead of doing something that you need to do today, maybe you can reach out to someone who needs you, instead.

From my experience yesterday, you might just need it, too!


Sara Gorman said…
In the nick of time, don't you think? :) Glad u commented - I'd forgotten about those precious moments with mom on the phone!

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