Upcoming Fibromyalgia Seminar: In Lombard, Illinois? I hope you can make it!


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Would you like to learn more about managing fibromyalgia? Attend a free “Get Educated” presentation on: “Why I Hurt: The Truth Behind Fibromyalgia" at the NUHS Whole Health Center - Lombard. 

When: Monday July 28th at 7:00pm

    200 E Roosevelt Rd 
    Lombard, IL 60148   

    Building B, Room 539 

Fibromyalgia is more than just a sentence to a life of chronic pain. There may be innovative and natural ways to manage your fibromyalgia that you haven’t considered.

New information shows that 40-60% of patients with fibromyalgia may have some component of vitamin D deficiency. Also, 81% of fibromyalgia patients report irregular bowel habits. These and other findings show that lifestyle and nutritional interventions may help in many cases. It's difficult to diagnose and difficult to treat, but those who suffer from fibromyalgia can find relief and even recovery through correct diagnosis and intervention. If you can, stop by the seminar to find out more! 


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