Looking worn and in need of a pick-me-up? The Lovely Blog to the rescue!

Chalk it up to the big birthday I had last month, or this latest bout of hair loss, but my skin has been feeling old. And looking old. And I was in need of a pickup.

So when I was at the spa last month, I booked a facial. I couldn't wait to get in a room with an esthetician who could answer all of my burning questions:  Why did my skin all of a sudden stop cooperating? What about the redness around my cheeks? The uneven skin tone? The age spots? The dark circles? I mentioned that three years ago, I didn't seem to have any trouble with my skin. I've never worn foundation, or concealer, or much of anything except moisturizer, eye makeup, blush and a little gloss. So why, all of a sudden, do I feel like my face needs an overhaul? (Don't worry - I don't think I'm beyond help - this was just my one chance to talk to someone who really knew skin care. I didn't want to mince words!)

Boy, did I have the right consultant! She was patient, and extremely knowledgeable. She answered every single one of my questions. Better yet, she gave me solutions and a game plan. She had products galore for me to try - and she explained the use and purpose of everything she used. She even threw in some samples, and described the ingredients of what she had used, so I could figure out how to replicate things at home. It was a great appointment, and I walked out feeling and looking fabulous. An hour with her was like taking off those three years...instantly! My face felt fresh, plump (which is a good thing for an aging face), and I really felt like I had the tools to start "repairing my barrier" as she called it. I could see could good skin in my future once again.

While she had products that I could have purchased at the time (of course), I decided to take the samples home, and see what worked and what didn't. I did have some homework to do - because some of the issues I brought up had over-the-counter solutions, which was great. Her starting point: find a new moisturizer. One with a higher SPF than my usual 15. One that was more age-appropriate. And maybe one with a tint.  (Her first suggestion was to start exfoliating, actually. The second was the moisturizer. Just so you know.)

Since I'm not that savvy when it comes to skin care and make up, I went to the one person I know who is, and that's Lauren Snow. Lauren was kind enough to feature the Pillbags on her beauty blog awhile back, and when her e-newsletter showed up in my inbox a few days after my spa visit, I knew just where to go. The Lovely Blog by Lauren Snow!

It took me no time at all to scroll through her posts and find recommendations for the products I was looking for. She even has step by step photos to take all the mystery out of the application process. She describes how, when, where, and why - and I love it! It's just what I needed.

Based upon my consultation and the blog recommendations, I now have just a few new products that are helping to brighten my look and improve my skin. And I didn't need to dip into my Pillbag savings to do it. Just a few products can make all the difference. Hooray for skin care (and cover-up!)

This pick me up really came at the perfect time. With my hair continuing to thin by the day, I've really needed a distraction, and a way to freshen up my look. Thus, my latest hair loss tip has emerged: Want to freshen up your look because your locks are looking limp? Move the focus from your head to your face by trying a new product or two. Maybe it's a new lip color, or a new mascara. Or maybe you can try a new eye cream. At least you'll feel like you're doing something to brighten your look, even if the hairs on your head aren't cooperating!


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