The Split-Second Lupus Decision - ask for help, and your body will thank you for it.

So on the heels of writing about my rookie mistake with my nap on moving day, it's only appropriate that I celebrate a winning decision that I made last week. It happened among a series of not so good choices, but we have to focus on the good ones in order to build momentum and keep the healthy ones coming, right?

Last week was a big one for me. Johnny and I were in New York on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for the gift show. We had house stuff to catch up with on Wednesday, and on Thursday, I had a ton of running around to do for the Pillbags and the house. On Friday, we had family coming in town for the weekend. The week started out well in NYC - I felt great, took super hard naps (meaning I slept really well), and we relaxed and took it easy. Then, the slow decline began: 

We got a late start out of the city on Tuesday morning, so I ended up napping in the car instead of in a bed. Mistake numero uno. 

We arrived home, and I felt good (because I had napped, although probably not long enough), so I hit the ground running. We went out to dinner, I stayed up late doing work, and I even threw in some laundry. Mistakes two, three and four. 

Wednesday was relatively-error free, although I don't think I went to bed before 11pm. Mistake number five. 

Thursday was just a ridiculous showing on my part - I dropped the girls off at my sister's in the morning, and then proceeded to run every errand I could in a four hour period of time. Instead of taking into account I'd woken up with a hint of joint pain that morning, I did what I should never do, and crammed as much in as possible while I was feeling good and the pain was manageable. I was almost an hour late for my nap, and I hadn't stopped for lunch. Bad, bad, and bad! 

Now, before you think I've slipped off the wagon completely - let me redeem myself. On my way home to pick up the girls and take a nap, I made a split-second decision to call the cleaning people we use and ask if they'd clean the house the following day. I'd always planned to do it myself before our guests arrived, but once the joint pain came on, and I realized I'd done too much, I tried to fix my mistakes. And fast. 

I woke up Friday with more joint pain, but WITHOUT a house to clean. The cleaners were in and out in a couple of hours, and I took it VERY easy the remainder of the day. I leisurely baked a few things for our house guests (I LOVE doing that and it's relaxing for me), got in a good nap, and even took a second cat nap before our guests arrived. Saturday, I woke up with the same joint pain, took it easy again, and by Sunday morning, I was feeling much better. No joint pain at all, and it was an on-time bedtime for me Sunday. 

So that was my split-second decision, made in the car, as I came to the realization that I'd just run myself ragged and I needed to right my wrong. I'll still have to watch it this week, but I plan to do just that. My babysitter is in full-gear, and I plan to be as errand-free as possible.  

And just like I learned from Monday's post: Hear that, Johnny? I said I'll be errand-free. Hold me to it, okay? 


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