The Pillfold Winchester gets a new glamour shot!

We conducted a mini-photo shoot this week, and the Pillfold Winchester updated her look! Here's a shot of the new product shots - lots of pink in this shipment of the Winchester. It looks so good on my nightstand!

And now that I'm back in a two-story house (as opposed to the smaller rental house where I could practically grab a water out of the kitchen refrigerator from my bed), my Pillfold is on the move daily. I tend to take my morning pills with breakfast, so now I'm carrying my Pillfold downstairs in the morning, and carrying it back upstairs in the evening. I'm so glad I'm not lugging around a clunky, plastic pillbox, risking that it would spill going down the stairs in the morning (because I'm inevitably carrying way too many things down at the start of the day), and that it's not cluttering up my new kitchen counters. No place for ugly plastic in this swanky new place!

Be sure to order YOUR brand new, very pink Winchester today.


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