Uncomfortably numb: Reason #241 for using Peapod

I know I sound like a broken record, but ordering my groceries online and having them delivered to my door has been the biggest blessing for me. Not only do I save an hour of my time trudging to the store and back, the fact that there's no heavy lifting or shuttling of groceries from my cart to my car, and then from my car to the house is just the best. No stress on my joints, no unnecessary aches and pains. When the Peapod guy backs his truck into our driveway, the most I have to do is open our side door, give a little wave, and prop the door open for him. It's just the greatest thing going. I see no reason to ever go to the grocery again. Well, almost never.

Just recently, I found that we were pretty darn low on groceries. We were out of milk. And juice. And yogurt. And lunch meat. And about 50 other items that we usually keep stocked in the house. I was a day or two overdue on ordering Peapod, and while I had every intention of setting up a delivery for the next day, I found myself with an extra 45 minutes to kill one morning in between my dentist appointment (the retainer, remember?) and the time I had to pick up Deirdre from school. So I thought I'd be spontaneous and productive, and stop at the store, pick up the items we needed, and be done with it. Task completion at its best.

I chose the small grocery store close to our house - not too far of a walk in the parking lot, smallish aisles so I'm not logging a mile walking the perimeter of the store - and I was feeling good about my decision. (Note - it's a crazy lupus phenomenon that I can run a mile and a half without blinking, but walking around a grocery store for 45 minutes can wipe me out. Go figure!)

The store was practically empty, there wasn't a line at the deli counter, and the store looked stocked. But the store also felt cold...and I wasn't dressed to prevent a Raynaud's attack from settling in. And settle in, it did. By the time I walked away with my lunch meat and started browsing the cheese display, my finger tips went numb. And then my knuckles, and then 3/4" of all eight of my fingers went completely numb and were white as sheets. And then my toes went numb, too.

So there I was, heel-toeing it through the store, without any feeling in my hands at all, palming fruits, and managing the cart as best I could. I'm not saying it was a dire situation...it was just uncomfortable. And it could have been prevented.

So I will not make that mistake again. Either I keep my winter coat and gloves in the car this summer in case I get a wild hair to go grocery shopping again, or I'll stick to my keyboard for all of supermarket needs.

And I'll finish on a positive note - just so we stay solution-oriented here. I was talking with a girlfriend who has lupus and Raynaud's, and she was telling me about her recent skiing trips abroad. She had a great time, and as she was telling me about the snow, the weather, and the condition of the slopes, I had to ask about her Raynaud's and whether or not it posed a problem. She said it did pose a problem, but having logged over 10 years as a lupus patient herself, here was her solution: she got a prescription to help with the Raynaud's from her rheumatologist, but the only days she takes it are on the days she skis.

Of course. That would be an option, wouldn't it?

Not, of course, that I'm going to get a prescription for my little grocery-store adventures, but maybe for future outings...as I've thought about outdoor events during the winter holidays that just seem insurmountable because of the painful numbing that would occur.

But now, I have hope. I'll be sure to check with my doctor on the subject before proceeding. But hope is hope. And now, my digits have some.


Sam said…
Hi Sarah. Couldn't agree with you more about online food shopping. I'm from Australia and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and other associated auto immune conditions 18 months ago. A complex illness is how my Specialist describes it and so far he has been proved correct unfortunately. It all came out of the blue and one of the first things I came across after diagnosis was your book "Living Well, Despite Lupus". It was such a help, particularly in relation to making life changes. Like you were I am at the stage of working through what to do with my career as a Bank Executive. I'm currently off work for 6 months recovering from surgery which all became complicated with post surgery infections due to Prednisone and Methotrexate but time is a good thing to think about living differently instead of going to be bed each night worried about how I'm going to make it through the next day at work and who I will be letting down if I don't make it. Work have been fantastic support which has made all of my decisions so far so much easier and I have an amazing husband who is journeying through this with me. So on the back of your "Living Well" Despite Lupus I am on the road to "Living Differently" with RA. Thanks for sharing your story with so many. It has and will continue to make a difference to those living with chronic illnesses around the globe. God bless.
Sara Gorman said…
Sam - Thanks so much for your comments! I'm sure you've done your fair share of soul-searching in your time away from work. I hope you're able to come up with a solution that works for you (and your RA!) I'm glad you have a great support network - husbands and co-workers can make all the difference.

And the sentence you wrote about your thoughts going to bed each night - it took me back immediately to the way I used to feel. I've never put it as eloquently as you did - but you really hit it on the head. I wish you well - and can't thank you enough for taking the time to share feedback on my book. And I'll continue to "live differently" too!!
Veronica said…
Yeah, grocery delivery revolutionized my life! Thanks for sharing!
Gretchen said…
Grocery delivery - been waiting for that to hit my area for. Several years now! I think it's time to check again... thanks for the reminder!
Sara Gorman said…
I'm glad you commented! you'll see in tomorrow's post (3/15) that i needed a little reminder myself!! Hope you' re able to get delivery in your area.

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