Becoming a lupus expert...over time.

I'm going to go out on a limb and declare that I half-way know what I'm talking about when it comes to manufacturing pillbags. I get the lingo, I call the materials by their proper name (1/2" zipper chain, 1/4" nylon flat cord, 8 guage clear vinyl), but when I started in the business just 6-8 short months ago, I knew nothing. In fact, when I called the manufacturer I'm now working with in New Jersey back in the fall, before I'd started manufacturing anything, he talked circles around me. Seriously - I couldn't even keep up. He fired away questions about materials and measurements, and I just kept saying, "uh-huh, uh-huh", even though my notes from that conversation reflect that I understood exactly zero from our phone exchange.

Fast forward six months, and oh, how times have changed. This time around, I'm throwing around the lingo and getting things done. Of course, I have my first manufacturer and my suppliers to thank for that - but I'm amazed at the comfort level, familiarity, and confidence with which I'm now able to talk pillbag manufacturing.

It just took time. And experience. And patience. The same three things it takes to become accustomed to dealing with lupus. Today, talking with doctors, throwing around medical jargon, and dealing with the curve balls the disease throws at me come a whole lot easier than they used to. In the beginning, I didn't think I'd ever be able to remember what a Complement level was or the importance of a SED rate, I couldn't imagine how I'd ever be able to contribute much of anything to my doctor's assessment of my disease, and I certainly didn't see how I was ever going to rein in that nasty little disease called lupus.

But here I am. Familiar, comfortable, and confident about living with lupus. I'm not exacatly ecstatic about it, but I'm doing okay.

And so is my current I'm still scheduled to launch the Pillbag website tomorrow, Tuesday, May 1st. Log onto the PILLFOLD website tomorrow to order your new pillfold or pillpouch - which is sure to add a dose of style™ to your daily medicine routine (or the routine of a loved one, of course!)


Aymie said…
Isn't it scary almost?
In something (kinda) related, my brother has just gotten a permanent tracheostomy and it's the same sort of thing. Six months ago we were scared to even look at it in case he stopped breathing! Which was a very real possibility considering he was in ICU. But now it's second nature to us and we're learning all the tricks that goes with it and how to always carry extra supplies. And he's managed to stay out of hospital for over 3 months now.
Same goes with my and my mum's lupus. We're used to it. I know now the difference between fibro pain and lupus pain and, wait for it, got to hear the wondrous word "stable" at my last appointment. I've waited years to hear that!
It's taken time, but we're both getting there.
Sara Gorman said…
It really is crazy how far we've come, isn't it? And you can't plan for it...all of a sudden, just as you say...the doctor says you're stable, or your tests look good, or it's time to start weaning off prednisone. And it's those appointments where you rejoice and pat yourself on the back...because obviously, the changes you've made to accommodate for lupus (or in your brother's case) the precautions you've taken are working! thanks so much for sharing!

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