Changing what we can - nothing more, nothing less.

In gearing up for my speech this weekend, I came across a selection in my book that I haven't thought about in awhile. But oh, how true it is. I think my post last week reminded me that our lives with lupus are bound to change over time - we evolve, our disease evolves - and the best we can do is attempt to make positive changes when and where we can. And while it's important not to spend time or energy struggling with issues that we can't change - I like to focus on the proactive side of the equation. That is, the fact that we must take ownership and responsibility for those issues where we can affect change - like our sleeping habits, allowing ourselves sufficient downtime, and accepting help when we need it: 

"While you can’t shed your disease, you can accept the challenge of living with it,
and embrace the life you have. You were smart, successful, happy, and independent
before lupus. The difference now is that you’re having a hard time believing
you still are. The secret to restoring faith in yourself is to focus on areas of your
life where you can still make an impact. Don’t waste time on aspects of life that
cannot be altered, like the fact that you have lupus. Instead, concentrate on areas
where you can affect change. Doing so will bring you the satisfaction, feeling of
influence, and inner strength you’ve been craving."   ---Despite Lupus: How to Live Well with a Chronic Illness. 

Here's to taking these words to heart, and believing that we can still contribute, we can still affect change, despite our illness!

And if you need an extra little kick - you can read (and recite) the Serenity Prayer a couple of times. That usually does the trick for me!


Wendy said…
You are so inspiring. I like the part about effecting change where we can effect change.
Sara Gorman said…
How nice of you! Thanks for the comment - hope it hits home with you. I find the "affect change" concept empowering, and burden-lifting, all at the same time!

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