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Despite Lupus: How to Live Well with a Chronic Illness
by Sara Gorman

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Stop fighting life. Start living it. Despite Lupus

Despite Lupus: Living Well with a Chronic Illness outlines the steps author Sara Gorman has taken to regain the health and wellness she lost due to years of struggling to overcome lupus. Through personal anecdotes and practical exercises, Sara describes the proven, workable steps it takes to live well with a chronic illness. It's an honest, revealing account of her triumph over lupus, making Despite Lupus a valuable resource for anyone suffering from a chronic illness, or for those supporting a loved one through the experience.

“Finally, a book about Lupus that has practical, well documented information that anyone with a chronic illness can use to better their lives.”
--- Barnes and Noble Nook Review


Dawn said...

Your book, a pillfold, AND a pillbag is now at the top of my Christmas wish list! So glad I came across your products on the LFA site!!! Your story is such an inspiration, as I am still yet to "learn" to live with SLE after 6 years. It is currently kn control but I am determined to win my life back as a wife & mother of two awesome daughters! My "wish list" will have to wait until the New Year, but that leaves me with something great to look forward to in 2013. :-)

Sara Gorman said...

Thanks so much for your nice comment! I look forward to hearing from you in 2013--I'll definitely be offering up tidbits about ALL of those subjects-MY two girls, the pillbags, my book, and living well despite it all! Happy new year and we'll "talk" soon!

Mary Junriza Cimeni said...

Hi Sarah,

Very nice book.!!! :-) I also read an article about your discussion about learning from webinar on how to make doctor's appointment more effective in this link: Your book is an inspiration plus your discussion. And i thought this will really help the other lupus patients as well. So i am sharing this to the support group I'm in at There are a lot others there who are suffering from the the disease, and they need some words of inspirations like yours. You might as well check it out. :-)

Thanks a bunch.


Sara Gorman said...

Mary- thanks so much for your kind words! I'm glad you came across the webinar. i've posted it on the "buzz" page of my blog, but i'll be sure to post it front and center so others can find it, too. i'm so pleased you feel it's a good resource. Best of luck with the support group-i'll try and stop by sometime! Take care!