Lightening your load - for your kids!

Before I became a mom, I scoffed at the idea of buying, serving, or eating frozen pancakes or waffles. I just couldn't understand why someone would sacrifice the taste of freshly made breakfast delicacies for their frozen counterparts. But now, I get it. They're fast, easy, require very little clean-up, and serve their purpose well. And I'm learning to enjoy the taste...a lot. They're practically a staple on our weekly breakfast menu - and I'm proud to serve them. Maybe someday when the kids are older (i.e. sleep late), I'll return to my made-from-scratch versions - but for now, I'll take the convenience.

Which brings me to another saving grace in the kid-convenience department - that being a little item called the "kitchen helper." It's a stool type of thing with four tall sides, so that your little one can "stand" beside you at kitchen counter top height and watch you prep meals, snack while you cook, or lend a helping hand when it comes to whisking eggs, buttering toast, or adding flour or sugar to a batch of cookies. Whatever degree of involvement you want your little one to have, it's possible with the kitchen helper. AND it gives you two free hands with which to work quickly and efficiently.

We entertained the idea of getting some sort of stool when Deirdre first started to show interest in helping us in the kitchen. She'd insist on being held so that she could watch us prepping every meal...and it was just too much to handle (especially when I was pregnant.) Now - she just climbs up in her helper, we scoot her over to where the action is (clearly NOT close to the stove top, but anywhere else where she feels she's helping and involved), and she loves every minute of it. She's even started to "do" the dishes. I say, "Have at it, girlfriend!"
Here she is buttering her toast. Cute, huh?

The one I've featured above is available from One Step Ahead. We are thrilled with the construction, and the fact that it folds up as easily as it goes together is a real plus. I know similar items exist elsewhere (some for more than twice as much), but I can't say enough good things about this little item. (And thanks, Mom, for the gift!)


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