The Keurig - another must have in the lupus kitchen

I've discovered another time/joint/pain saver for the kitchen - and that's the Keurig coffee maker -the single serving coffee maker that allows you to have a steaming cup of delicious coffee in, say, 30 seconds. We're big fans of our Keurig, which we received as a birthday gift from my in-laws this summer. It requires very little clean up, doesn't tax the fingers like measuring up ground, loose coffee can, and it's extremely efficient. Here's how it works:

The coffee comes individually sealed in little K-Cup® portion packs (short, little tubs varying in roast, flavor, and caffeine level, about double the size of a creamer), each which contain the perfect amount of ground coffee needed for a single cup of coffee. The water is housed in a tall column on the side of the coffee maker, which you just have to refill after every few cups, and is pre-heated and dispensed automatically once brewing begins.

You slip the sealed K-cup into the top of the coffee maker, push the button on the top to start the brew, and presto! Thirty seconds later (give or take a few), you have a hot, steaming fresh cup of coffee.

It's ideal for Johnny and me, not only because he drinks caffeine, and I don't, I prefer flavored coffee while he likes his a little less, well, froofy. This way, we can each have a cup of coffee (or two or three) in the morning without having to make one full pot, clean the machine, and then start all over with a second pot. And the flavors! You wouldn't believe the options - I favor the hazelnut variety, while Johnny seems to enjoy the Italian Blends and the Cappuccino flavor. And of course, hot tea and cocoa are available as well. Deirdre enjoyed her first cup of hot chocolate just a few weeks ago...brewed just for her in the Keurig.

So enough of the infomercial. I'll let you let explore the appliance at your own pace - but I'll leave you with this:

The fact that I've been able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee every morning for the past three months without the hassle of cleaning a pot, fussing over the bag of coffee, measuring out the perfect amount of grounds, or struggling to add the right amount of water has me feeling pretty good. And ordering my specially chosen K-cup flavors online and having them delivered right to my door is an added bonus. And I'm much more apt to serve coffee when visitors come knocking. Why not? No hassle for me, and we get to show off our clever little gadget.

Coffee or tea, anyone?


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