And Rosie makes Three!

That's right, Deirdre welcomed another cousin into the world on Monday!

Miss Rosie Sharp Gorman was born early Monday morning, November 3rd to proud parents, Pat and Jen Gorman (Johnny's brother and sister-in-law). Rosie took her own sweet time getting here, though - Jen checked into the hospital on Saturday evening for an induction...and Rosebud didn't arrive until almost 36 hours later. Mom and Dad were wiped out, but Rosie arrived unscathed - in fact, she was perfect in every way. Guess she's just establishing who's in charge early on in the game. Too bad she's so cute - she'll probably be able to get away with it!

Everyone is doing fine...and Deirdre is itching to meet her new cousins. Rosie and Liam are welcome to a play date any day of the week!
And here's a shot of the big D posing with her more established cousins, Emma, Mary Kate, and Molly.
What a line up!


Anonymous said…
So many cousins,so much cuteness!What a beautiful family!

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