50-year Hiatus is Long Enough!

Guess how long it's been since the FDA approved a drug specifically designed to treat Lupus? That's right - 50 long, drawn-out years! Thankfully, research and development haven't been at a complete standstill for all that time. Much effort has gone into developing a Lupus-specific drug, and hopefully one is right round the corner.

Until then, the Lupus Foundation of America is encouraging the Lupites of the world to express, in our own words, what it's meant to have gone 50 years without a Lupus-specific drug. Our submissions will then be used to encourage Members of Congress to allocate more funds to the development of a Lupus-specific drug - and who better to convince them then us?! Check out LFA's blog post for details on what should be included in your submission, and be sure to do so before the deadline of November 20th. Thanks for participating!


I read your blog and i find that you are such a strong person , i found many infos here(thanks for sharing) and I got a message on my facebook regarding the quest for the cure for lupus.Having the disease for 4 years now,i am crossing my fingers hoping that soon a medicine will be found and I will be free.

Az xoxo

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