More Dishing on the Dish

Because I've had such great feedback on my past two posts about using a meal-preparation service (including a very comprehensive and complimentary email from the President at Let's Dish), I thought I'd elaborate on two services that are offered by the company in particular. Both fit the bill for Lupites who aren't feeling up to snuff or for new moms who just can't seem to get away. (Sign me up for both categories!)

As I mentioned before, there are several Let's Dish meals that can be cooked directly from the freezer, and I tend to think those are the best options for people like us. In fact, the company seems to understand the desire to make the cooking efforts at home as minimal as possible, and as such have increased the number of meals that can be cooked-from-frozen. In addition, they now provide a special set of cooking instructions on alternative ways to cook almost all of their meals directly from frozen. Called "Freezer Freedom", these instructions serve as a guide to those of us looking to cut down on the time in front of the stove, because standing and stirring aren't usually arthritis-friendly, and time is not always on our side.

In addition, they've recently added a special program just for new moms, waiving the delivery fee for any 8-meal order placed during the first three months after you have the baby. (I can just imagine my sister placing her pre-order right now!) You can read more about the free delivery option here.

Now to figure out how the baby can eat the Chicken Parmigiana I have in the freezer!


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