Little Miss Pumpkinhead welcomes her new Cousin!

Miss Deirdre (seen here in her pumpkin hat) is proud to announce the arrival of her adorable new baby cousin, Liam Thomas Gretter Rice! Little Mr. Rice arrived on Thursday, October 30th, at 4:04pm, weighing in at 8 lbs and stretching a full 21 inches long. He and Mama Rice are doing spectacularly. How cute is this guy?! And check out how proud big sister is!

Although I think Deirdre is going to skip the trick or treating this year and just man the front door, she will be all decked out in her Halloweeny outfit. Cute, huh?


so super cute!!! i must admit when i got your email i was thinking it was a cousin on the gorman side...which will be ANY DAY NOW too! exciting times in your beautiful family!!! he is adorable!!!
Anonymous said…
How adorable!!! And how fortunate that these cuties will grow up together, adored by the whole family!
Sophie - LFA said…
Great pics!

Also wanted to let you know I featured your blog in the LFA's "lupus blog spotlight." Check it out.

Take care, Wick
Anonymous said…
Hi Sara! Hope you and Deirdre are doing well and getting lots of rest. Thank you for letting us know about Katie - I am super thrilled for her! Very cute little boy and love the name. You are so lucky to have two family members close by with little bambinos to share all the love, questions and support you will need.

Take care,

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