A Great way to start the Weekend

A blogger friend of mine (friend first, blogger second!) posted this story earlier in the week, and it is definitely worth sharing. Enjoy and have a great weekend! 

****Blog post from Portland Sunshine******

It is a cold and rainy Monday morning. The chill and dampness feels good after the 100+ weather we experienced last week/weekend. I bundled up the baby boy and myself and we went out to do some errands. I decided to treat myself to a chai latte, and decided to hit the drivethru Starbucks due to the rain and the fact that baby was cozy and sleeping in the backseat.

As I was waiting in line, I decided I'd pay for the person behind me as well as for myself, just to be nice on a rainy Monday morning. I have never done that before. I have never had it done for me.

So I get up there, feeling kind and good about my decision to buy the lady behind me her latte (or whatever she had ordered).

You will not believe what happened next. The lady working the drivethru told me that the lady in front of me had paid for my chai. WHAT?!?! How bizarre! Not only that, but she said that this had been happening all morning. A lady started it when they opened at 6am, and each person after her had been paying for the person behind them. Obviously I kept the kindness going and paid for the lady behind me.

I love when stuff like this happens.


Be sure to stop by her blog sometime. It's great!!


Caroline said…
What a fantastic thing! It's like pay it forward... while paying it backwards!
Sara Gorman said…
Very good! See - maybe the story can even makes us funneier, in addition to feeling more generous! :)

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