The first newborns on the block

Big news on our street this weekend. Annie, our neighboring pug (I know, how lucky can one neighborhood block be), had puppies on Friday. Matilda and Roscoe arrived early on Friday morning, cute as buttons and ready to tackle the world. Well...not quite. Their eyes and ears won't open for another two weeks, and they pretty much sleep every moment of the day, when they're not eating.

Proud mama Annie isn't sure what to make of the whole thing. She's a bit weighted down at the moment, and while I'm sure she just wants her pugish figure back (don't we all, honey!), she's been a little reluctant to let her two pups feed. The exhausted, yet devoted owners are picking up the slack as they supplement with bottles.

If I wanted a glimpse of what is to come 2 months from now, I got it first hand. We saw Annie in labor on Thursday night (she did NOT look like she was having fun), heard about the exhaustive birthing process (which went all night long), and are witnessing the aftermath (several bleary eyed owners and one very bewildered mom.)

Oh my. What have I gotten myself into?


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