9 Weeks and Counting...

That's right - Baby Bun is scheduled to arrive (via induction) in nine weeks on October 4th, if not before. Hard to believe my pregnancy is coming to a close, although some days, it's more surprising to think that I'm even pregnant in the first place.

When I sought to get pregnant for the first time more than five years ago, I never gave any thought to the idea that I might not be able to do what I wanted when I wanted to do it. When I miscarried at 8 weeks, I was devastated, but I wasn't deterred. I got back on the saddle and started the process again, determined to do what I set out to do. I had a plan, and I had every intention of seeing it through to the end. At the ripe age of 28, I had life all figured out.

Turns out, a baby was not in the master plan for us at age 28 or 29, or even 30. It wasn't until Johnny and I put aside our age barometers that we realized that children would come when it was time, when Lupus (and my body) were good and ready. We decided that we should enjoy every moment of the life we had while we had it. And enjoy it, we did.

Today, at 34, I realize I still don't have life figured out, but I do know that if you allow yourself to throw life's game plan out the window, there are wonderful surprises waiting for you on the field. Every time Bun gives me a wallop of a kick, I'm both thrilled and thankful that I have the opportunity to feel those little feet, elbows, and knees knocking around in my tummy.

I think how perfectly timed this pregnancy has been, how stable and healthy and strong I am, and how Johnny and I couldn't be more prepared to become first-time parents,
(to a HUMAN baby, that is) than we are right now. This is the way life was supposed to turn out. There's no doubt about that now.

There have to be a few moms and dads reading along who are silently laughing to themselves, thinking that the Gormans have absolutely no idea what's ahead of them. Well, we sure don't, but we're looking forward to whatever it is!

However, just so no one thinks we're in complete denial, any ideas on what Johnny and I should try and do before our lives are turned upside down? While traveling far distances is pretty much out of the question (for me anyway...more on that later), what will Baby Bun make it particularly challenging for us to fit into our schedule in the near future? Movies? Dinner? Bring on the ideas - and I'll even take some new parent advice while you're at it. I don't ask often, so you please take advantage of it!


Anonymous said…
Find a babysitter. Even now talk with other friends that have children and see who they use. Get to know them even before the baby comes. Then you can still do whatever you like, from time to time.
So your alone time with hubby isn't completely over it's just got a glitch but you seem pretty good in finding solutions.

"Libras" are awesome too. ;) ;)
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks so much! That's great advice...I'll definitely start asking around now.

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