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Here are some common (and some not so common) lupus medications: 
Cellcept - For more information, click here
Clobetasol Gel
Folic Acid
Plaquenil - For more information, click here
Prednisone - For more information, click here
Pulmicort Turbuhaler
Serevent Inhaler

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Unknown said…
Are you kidding me? Priolsec? Zyrtec? were these types of meds prescribed to you before your diagnosis? I'm an RN Student - hitting Boston Medical Center in May - after school... and wow - am surprised at some of the meds you were prescribed... My Rheumatologist is a mean cold hearted individual - i've had a hard time with her - she gives me a hard time just with Celebrex... and has been trying to get rid of me as a patient for some time now - i even "called" her on it at our last visit - stating if you don't want me as a patient, please refer me to another Rheumatologist that can help me... Ugh... So here's to hoping you feel fantastic!!! Keep on keepin' on and you are truly an inspiration!!! -- carie of Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Sara Gorman said…
Carie - Ugh. Getting push back from the doctor is no fun...I think it sounds like those appointments can't be too productive. Have you considered exploring other options? You just want it to "work", you know? And Prilosec and Zyrtec were definitely part of my regimen for awhile - the former for heartburn (which was TERRIBLY painful!!!), and the latter as an anti-histamine to address my random swellings (angioedema.) So hard to manage all of those lupus symptoms sometimes! Best of luck and if I hear of a good New England Rheumy, I'll let you know!
Muggle2480 said…
That is a long and familiar list!! Just a quick fyi, Ive had really good luck with Cymbalta and Ranatidine...there are many more on the list. Oh and Carrie, honey you need a new dr. Good luck and God Bless...I sent up a prayer for you.
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks for sharing! Sometimes there ARE too many to count, but if we can find a few that work, hallelujah! :)
Coralimar said…
I take some from that list but plaquenil was changed to Imuran after I got psoriasis on my elbow.. (it looks terrible :( ) Thanks for the blog it's been very helpful!
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks for the kind words! I almost started Immuran myself a few years back, but ended up sticking with Plaquenil. Next up on my list may be trying Methotrexate, per my recent visit to the doctor. If so, i'll be sure to report back!
Anonymous said…
Hydroxychloroquine sulfate, and celecoxib are my recent medication and i am taking prednisone for only a week.. But im afraid that if ill stop taking pred, my joints will begin swell and i cant move again. Im very happy to find your blog! It really helps me a lot, i even cried whenever i read something that i find similar to what i felt.. I also hope that i can find a support group like what you have. But really, you are blessing! Continue to encourage lupus patient, and also their family! Truly, im greatful! :) :) -Akire, Philippines
Anonymous said…
I've read in many places that bactrim should not be used in lupus as it will cause a lupus flare.
Glad it worked for you.
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks for commenting. I was on bactrim only the first of the three years I was on cellcept, and haven't been on it since I went back on cellcept last year. Years ago, I think it was recommended that an antibiotic accompany cellcept, but not anymore. Thank goodness. One less medication!
Norm K said…
5 years ago I had a rash that covered my entire body. It slowly went away through until only my ankles had it in them. It was then I started getting this energy reduction which was preceded by minimal rashes either around my waste or on my scalp. I constantly took claritin as this had some effect (not much) on it. But it would never go away.

Then recently I went to Florida and got in the sun more and came back after a week and suddenly the rash re-appeared and then the tiredness came back for another day. I call those my bad days because its a struggle to just breath.

I am an environmental Scientist and a employee of mine who is a geologist that has a doctor for a mother said that she thought it was Lupus. Then my employee said his professor had the same symptoms with lupus. I finally think after 8 years of this that maybe we have come full circle. What I want to know is what can I do to stop it. Can you help?

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