Lupus and Exercise: Get your stretch on!

"You're not old. You just need to stretch."

This line from an ad came up on my news feed a while back, and it made me laugh. Mostly because it's true. 

On the days I stretch - I don't hobble. I don't wince. I don't ache. I just go about my day, nimble and supple. But if I skip more than two days, I am a cranky mess of creaky joints. 

This stretching video from Daniela Suarez is one of my favorites. I love the body parts we work (most of them), and I love how long we hold each stretch (long enough to feel it). Her voice is soothing, too. I've cued it up below, so if you're wearing something even remotely comfortable, I encourage to stop what you're doing, and stretch for 10 minutes. You need a break anyway. And you probably haven't stretched yet today. You won't be disappointed!    


My daughter and I do this together about twice a week. We (read: I) made modifications in the beginning, but the progress we've made in the month we've been doing it has been amazing. Even after the second or third time, I could do considerably deeper stretches. So satisfying and so necessary! 

Skip what doesn't feel good, and pause the video when you need to. I've been known to extend the video to 12-15 minutes because I just keep pausing to let the stretches really work. Baby Cobra and Happy Baby may be my favorites, but the 30 seconds of just "letting go" at the end is pretty great, too. I learned it's officially called "savasana", but I love when she tells us to just "let go." I've been "letting go" again as I'm falling asleep, and it is so soothing! 


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